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Why customer support services are needed in social networks


Technical support is, in fact, a tool of post-sales service, if it is provided. Users come into contact with its employees either after the purchase of equipment or service, or after the completion of a project - it can be the creation of a software solution, a website, or even the implementation of an entire infrastructure - for example, a complete video surveillance system.


The task of support is to receive appeals from customers who have problems, fix them and solve them (at the time of the request or after - in accordance with the SLA). Sometimes for the solution of a customer problem it's enough to answer the question, but in other cases you need to pass the request to a specialist, who will look into the problem, give a detailed explanation and make the solution work again.


What do customers want from your support? Below, you can see that customers expect your representatives to provide well-formatted, qualified answers. But beyond customer support, applications and services should also improve the customer experience.


75% of customers expect consistency across all support channels.


Customers say good support is: finding the information they need without going elsewhere (12%), having a qualified representative (31%), not having to give their information again (21%) and having their problems solved without asking again (33%).


45% say being able to reach out through their favourite channel is an important aspect of the personalized support call experience.


38% say they feel more meaningful if support representatives know about previous calls.


40% say soft skills from support representatives are an important aspect. More important than the number of supported communication channels and the availability of help on the site.


Why social network analytics services are needed


Statistics and analytics of social networks are necessary for SMM-specialists, content managers and project managers. Statistics helps to systematize information, and analytics based on it helps build an optimal social media promotion strategy.


Even though social networks have their statistics, it is often not enough to see the big picture. You can make a deeper analysis by yourself, but for this you need to know a number of subtleties.

Platforms for analytics allow you to fully automate the process and get the data in a convenient format.


Services give users great opportunities: to study competitors, launch targeted advertising, choose a blogger for cooperation, experiment with promotion. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to build effective strategies for developing a profile and track results.


What can be accomplished using social media analytics:


  • You can keep track of a company's reputation and keep it favourable. How? If a bad remark or mention occurs, for example, it is important to respond quickly to establish a proper conversation and contact with customers.

  • You may get more full and accurate information on advertising campaigns and actions, as well as the degree of user engagement, using social analytics.

  • Because statistical data allows you to consider the preferences of the target audience, this is an opportunity to carefully develop a strategy and action plan.


Why social media monitoring services are needed

Monitoring is understood as a meticulous study of everything that happens in social networks. That is, it is like a kind of listening and evaluation of views, opinions, user positions, especially acute and actively discussed topics at the moment, etc. Such research can be conducted by a person from their page (personally for themselves), or on behalf of the company (on behalf of its profile in the social network).


This procedure is performed in different formats: pay more attention to certain phrases, hashtags, or it can be monitoring of mentions in social networks (one or even several).

Reviewing your brand-related discussions on social media is necessary to:


  • Give feedback to your customers,

  • provide users of your products or services with information and technical support,

  • To be able to measure your audience reach,

  • monitor new brands.

  • Also social networks in business are used to collect mentions and track keywords, hashtags, URLs important for your business.


Why do you need Instagram widgets for your website?


The English word widget translates to "fixture" or "gizmo. A widget is a link to your Instagram, which is placed on the site and leads to the social network.


"VKontakte and Facebook suggest using their official plugins to install widgets. There is no ready-made code for Instagram yet, so you'll have to use third-party services.


Placing widgets increases the chances of receiving feedback from potential customers.


Setting up an Instagram widget is done by the site owner based on his requirements for the appearance of the application. You can adjust the width of the block, the format for displaying photos, their number, choose the colours of graphic elements. If desired, the header is provided with a name, and brief information about the account is also placed in it.


What are social media posting services for?


Deferred posting is the automatic posting of social media posts at a specific time. You can plan the order and timing of your postings, optimize your work and, as a result, save time. In addition, delayed posting services help simplify cross-posting. You can set up a publishing schedule and post to multiple social networks at the same time. 


Deferred posting platforms allow you to schedule posts a week or two in advance and then automatically post to selected social networks according to your schedule. They save time and reduce routine work.


To choose a delayed posting service, first decide which social networks and messengers you want. If you only post on VKontakte, Facebook and Instagram, any of the suggested services will work for you. Pay attention to the functionality and price, and then test the most suitable options (be sure to see services that have a free rate).


If you need Viber, Pinterest or TikTok, then there is almost no choice and it is better to try all the services that support these platforms.