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Мария Сокуренко

Мария Сокуренко on Hostinger

Hostinger - отличный выбор для хостинга! Простой интерфейс, быстрая загрузка сайтов и надежная поддержка делают его идеальным партнером для размещения...
Анна Андреева

Анна Андреева on Hostinger

Hostinger - отличный выбор для хостинга! Быстрая загрузка сайтов, удобная панель управления и доступные цены делают его идеальным вариантом для начина...
Зина Рогова

Зина Рогова on Hostinger

Hostinger - отличный хостинг! Простой интерфейс, быстрая загрузка страниц, надежная защита. Удивлен и рад качеству услуг.
Валерий Жмышенко

Валерий Жмышенко on HostPapa

Мой сайт не загружался из-за сообщения, которое представители Hostpapa идентифицировали как проблему на стороне HostPapa. Два представителя, с которым...
Валерий Жмышенко

Валерий Жмышенко on AbeloHost

Я ставлю оценку 4/5, потому что я знаю abelo с 2014 года. Да, у них упал сервер host3, но они были добры и предоставили мне новый сервер бесплатно на ...
Валерий Жмышенко

Валерий Жмышенко on ChemiCloud

Больше всего мне нравится их поддержка и качество обслуживания. Они действительно предлагают то, о чем говорят. Я поклонник продукции Apple, а они как...

There are several key benefits to using Joomla for your website. First, Joomla is a very flexible content management system that allows you to create diverse and complex websites with ease. 

With a wide range of extensions and themes, Joomla provides a lot of freedom to customize and personalize your site. In addition, Joomla has a large and active community of users and developers, which means you will always have access to help and support. 

Joomla's management interface is very intuitive, making the process of editing and updating your website as easy as possible for users of all levels. In addition, Joomla is constantly being updated and developed, which allows your site to remain modern and competitive.

For successful work with Joomla, the hosting must meet several basic requirements. Firstly, the hosting should support the latest versions of PHP, recommended 7.0 or higher, and MySQL, from 5.6 and higher. 

This will ensure that your site is compatible with the latest Joomla features and security updates. It is also important that the hosting provides enough resources, such as memory and disk space, for the stable operation of your site and its extensions. 

Server uptime is also a key factor, as you don't want your site to be inaccessible to visitors due to technical issues with your hosting. Finally, the quality and speed of customer support is important because you may need help with configuration or solving problems that arise while working with Joomla.

There are several effective ways to ensure the security of your Joomla website. Firstly, regular updates of Joomla software and extensions will help prevent the exploitation of security vulnerabilities. It is also important to set strong passwords for access to the administrative panel and the database to make it harder for potential attackers to gain access. 

The use of firewalls and intrusion detection systems will allow you to detect and block unauthorized access attempts to your website. Continuous data backup is another important security measure that allows you to restore your website in case of data loss or damage due to an attack or technical problems. 

Pay attention to installing an SSL certificate, which will ensure that data is encrypted between the server and the user's browser, increasing the security level of your website.

How to choose best Joomla hosting 2024

The Joomla platform is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) on the Internet. This open source program allows you to create a variety of websites, ranging from personal blogs to corporate portals. Before you start working with Joomla, it is important to decide on the most suitable hosting for your project.

Introduction to Joomla

Joomla is an open source content management system developed on the basis of the PHP programming language. It has a wide range of features that make it quite popular among web developers and website owners. Joomla has a large number of extensions and themes, which allows you to create a variety of sites in a short time.

Overview of the Joomla platform

One of the main advantages of Joomla is its ease of use and flexibility. This CMS has a friendly interface that allows you to quickly master the basic functions. In addition, thanks to a large community of developers, Joomla is constantly updated and developed, which ensures its modernity and competitiveness.

Hosting requirements for Joomla

Before choosing a hosting for Joomla, it is important to understand the requirements of this platform to the server environment. Joomla runs on any server that supports PHP and MySQL, but for optimal performance, it is recommended to use servers with the following parameters:

  • PHP version 7.3 or higher

  • MySQL version 5.6 or higher

  • The recommended memory size for PHP is at least 64 MB

The minimum amount of disk space is 100 MB

In addition, it is important to consider your website's resource needs, such as traffic volume, number of databases, SSL certificate support, etc.

This guide will help you understand the requirements and features of hosting for Joomla, as well as provide useful tips for choosing the best hosting provider for your web project.

Hosting features

  1. Shared hosting: Shared hosting is the most common type of hosting, especially for beginners. In this case, your site is hosted on a server with other sites. It is convenient and economical because the cost of sharing a server between several users is low. However, shared hosting may not be the best option for large or demanding sites, as server resources are limited and can be shared between users.

  2. Virtual private server (VPS): VPS is an intermediate option between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. You get a virtual machine with its own resources, but it is still located on the same physical server with other virtual servers. VPS provides more flexibility and control over the server compared to shared hosting, but the cost may be higher.

  3. Dedicated hosting: In the case of dedicated hosting, you get your own physical server dedicated only to your website. This gives you the maximum level of control, security, and resources. Dedicated hosting is ideal for large, high-traffic or demanding websites, but it is also the most expensive option.

  4. Cloud hosting: Cloud hosting is the latest trend in the hosting industry where your site is hosted on a cloud infrastructure with a large number of servers working together. This provides high availability, flexibility, and scalability, as resources can automatically scale to meet the needs of your site.

  5. Hosting managers: Some hosting providers offer management services, which allows you to focus on the development of your site rather than the technical aspects of hosting. Hosting managers usually provide services such as backups, monitoring, intruder protection, etc.

  6. Hosting plugins for Joomla: There are also special hosting plugins for Joomla that optimize the performance of your site on a particular hosting. These plugins can improve the performance, security, and ease of management of your website.

Selection criteria

When choosing the best hosting for your Joomla website, it is important to consider several key criteria that will determine the quality of service and performance of your site.

Reliability and availability

  • Guarantees of server uptime (Uptime): Make sure that your hosting provider guarantees a high level of availability for your site, such as 99.9% or more. This ensures that your site will be available to visitors at all times.

  • Website loading speed: Website loading speed is important for users and for SEO. Choose a hosting service that has fast servers and an optimized environment for Joomla.

Customer support

  • Customer reviews: Check out the user reviews of the hosting provider. This will help you assess the quality of service and satisfaction of other users.

  • Quality and availability of support: It's important to be able to get help when you need it. Choose a hosting provider that provides fast and efficient customer support, such as live chat, phone, or email.


  • The ability to scale hosting plans: Make sure that you can easily change your hosting plan according to the growth of your website. This is important to prevent server overload and ensure optimal performance.

  • Additional features and capabilities: Choose a hosting service that provides additional features and functionality such as automatic backups, free SSL certificates, built-in traffic analysis tools, and more.


  • Security measures at the server level: Make sure that your hosting provider provides server-level security such as network security measures and protection against DDoS attacks.

  • Data backup and recovery: It's important to have regular backups of your website to avoid data loss in case of unforeseen situations.

SSL support and other security features: Make sure your hosting provider supports SSL encryption and provides other security features such as virus and malware protection.

Comparison of providers

Analysis of hosting providers

Before choosing a hosting provider for your Joomla website, carefully analyze several providers according to the following criteria:

  1. Reputation and reliability: Do some research on the reputation of each provider, check out user reviews and ratings on specialized forums and portals. Consistency and stability of work is an important aspect, especially if your website has a large volume of visitors.

  2. Functionality: Make sure that the hosting provider offers all the necessary features for working with Joomla, such as support for the latest PHP and MySQL versions, the ability to install SSL certificates, automatic backups, etc.

  3. Speed and performance: Examine the technical characteristics of each provider's servers and their infrastructure. Website loading speed affects user experience and SEO performance, so it's important to choose a provider with optimized servers and network.

  4. User support: It's important to be able to get help if you have problems with your website. Evaluate the quality and accessibility of the support service, pay attention to the methods of communication (phone, chat, email) and the response time to requests.

Comparative table of the main characteristics

Once you've done your analysis, create a comparison table that lists the main characteristics of each provider, such as

  • Reputation and rating

  • Guarantees of server uptime (Uptime)

  • Website loading speed

  • User support

  • Functional features

  • Price of hosting plans

This will help you make an objective comparison and choose the best option.

Cost and special offers

Finally, compare the cost of each provider's hosting plans and their special offers. Some providers may offer discounts for new customers, free trials, free domains, or other bonuses. Take these factors into account when choosing the most beneficial option for your budget and needs.

Bottom line

When choosing a hosting for Joomla, it is important to consider the needs of your website, the requirements of Joomla, as well as the reliability, performance, and support of the provider. Evaluate the different options based on these criteria and choose the best hosting service that meets your needs and budget.

In conclusion, choosing the best hosting for your Joomla website is an important step in ensuring the success of your project online. The How to Choose the Best Hosting for Joomla guide has helped you to understand the main aspects of choosing a hosting service and provided you with useful tips to make an informed decision. Here are some key points that are important to emphasize:

  1. Analyze the needs of your website: Answer questions about traffic volume, resource requirements, and the need for certain features and capabilities.

  2. Take into account the requirements of Joomla: Make sure that the chosen hosting supports all the requirements and is optimized for Joomla.

  3. Evaluate reliability and performance: Choose a hosting with high server availability and fast servers for optimal performance of your website.

  4. Consider different types of hosting: Take into account the features of shared, virtual private server, exclusive, cloud hosting and choose the one that best suits your needs.

  5. Check prices and special offers: Compare prices and benefits of different hosting plans to ensure you get the best value for your money.

By thoroughly researching all aspects and considering your project needs, you will be able to make an informed choice of a hosting provider that will help you realize your ideas and succeed in the online environment. We wish you success in choosing a hosting provider and developing your web project!

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