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Why you need additional programs for Windows


The Windows operating system itself offers the user a fairly wide range of features, but if you need more, there are programs that expand or improve its functions. For example, when you need to qualitatively clean the system, download videos or crop photos, create a bootable flash drive, quickly write a program or text and do much, much more.

"Optimizers", "cleaners" or as they are also called - "PC-optimizers", have a number of unique functions, settings and important options for faster computer response, registry compression, full diagnostics, malware removal and other features.


The applications and solutions we have selected are effective tools for improving personal and professional productivity - they are suitable for anyone who needs help organizing work flows, managing time or increasing concentration.


Many of these solutions have paid versions with extended functionality along with the free one, so it is worth noting that some of the features described may be available for a fee.


What you need Android apps for

Today Android is probably the most popular platform in the world for mobile devices. Android is all around us - at home, in the office, in cameras and watches, in cars and TVs. Android apps have access to the leading open marketplace for distribution: Google Play. 


The Google Play store has more than 1 million apps available for download to your Android device. Deciding which one to download and install on your Android phone or tablet can be a challenge. Some of them you already use, and there are newer or simply unfamiliar apps that are worth trying.


A smartphone's basic equipment includes only pre-installed apps that the manufacturer has chosen for their own reasons and promotional commitments. But you can outfit your smartphone with the right programs and tools yourself. Our "Must-have apps" are designed primarily for those who just got a new Android smartphone.  


On all smartphones, the types of mobile applications are classified according to the same scheme.


All kinds of APP (from English Application) can be divided into 4 categories according to their main purpose:


  • Smartphone games.

  • Promotional applications.

  • Content services.

  • Social networks.

There are other types of programs. For example, services for business, created to manage companies. But other types are less in demand than the above groups. According to statistics, 70% of smartphone owners have at least one program from the above categories installed.


What programs for Mac are needed for

Ever since the first smart phone appeared on the market, mobile devices have become an essential part of our life: a source of entertainment in our spare time, a means of communication with friends and family and, more recently, an indispensable tool in the work and planning tasks.


The standard suite of software on a Mac lets you multitask and get to work within minutes of unpacking it.


Unfortunately, there are many everyday tasks and scenarios that no Mac out of the box can handle.


When choosing applications for a new computer from Apple or upgrading a set of programs on an existing Mac or MacBook, the user is always faced with a choice. Buy expensive and sophisticated software or choose a free alternative? 


Here is a selection of the best mobile apps for iOS that you can download to get more time and find the best balance between work and leisure.


Why you need apps for iOS?

There are thousands and thousands of programs in the AppStore with different purposes: some process photos, others keep a to-do list, others help "apple" to communicate. So how do you choose the apps for iPhone to make it as useful and functional as possible? A simple way is to study the top free progi and choose the best option or several at once for any purpose.


Over several years with Apple hardware, we've run through hundreds, if not thousands of apps. Most went straight to the landfill, but some have lingered on my gadgets for a long time. 


To make your smartphone or tablet a truly useful device will help a variety of mobile programs that solve certain problems. Fortunately, in the application stores now you can find a lot of relevant software. But how to choose the best one, without wasting time on reading reviews in the network and test-driving of new products? Of course, you can use this section with the best mobile apps for iOS and Android.


We have sorted and gathered for you only the most necessary, convenient and useful mobile applications that meet the different needs of owners of iPhone, iPad