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Why do I need IP-Telephony?


IP-telephony is a technology of voice signal transmission via wireless Internet channels. In contrast to analogue and mobile communication means, communication via World Wide Web doesn't demand laying of telephone lines. You also don't need to buy equipment for your office PBX. You can call from practically any communication device (SIP-phone, device with VoIP-gateway, PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet PC, etc.). At the same time the subscriber can make and receive calls in any part of the world, where there is a connection to the Internet.


The main advantage of IP-PBX over alternative means of communication is the cost of calls. Signal transmission over the Internet is on average 70% cheaper than by wire and 90% cheaper compared to satellite communication. Therefore, cloud service providers can offer subscribers significantly more favourable rates than traditional telephony service providers.


How can IP-telephony be useful for you personally?


First, you need it to create an effective communication system for your company. For example, you may want to connect your branches located in different regions with one network and provide your customers with an opportunity to call you on a free number 8-800.


You can also buy an IP-phone for elderly relatives, who avoid using internet and prefer to communicate "the old-fashioned way". They will be able to communicate with interlocutors from all over the world for a penny.


The advantages of IP-telephony, in short:


  • low costs

  • excellent quality of communication

  • faster communication between employees in the office

  • functionality and scalability.


Why do we need autodialer services?


At the moment autodialling one of the easiest, most accessible and cheapest types of advertising. But this service is not only used in advertising.


The purpose of autodialling:


  • Prompt and emergency notification of subscribers on the alarm signal (for example, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, emergency workers, etc.) in connection with the occurrence of an emergency.

  • Marketing research

  • Marketing of products and services

  • Informing the company's customers about the status of their accounts (e.g., public utilities, telecom operators, credit institutions).

The autodial system can make calls on an unlimited number of lines. The calls are made in parallel if there are several lines. The game's premise is quite straightforward. For calling, the percentage obtained its database of subscribers. All essential connections should indeed be connected and configured for data transfer before installing the system.


Autodialling is a cost-efficient but effective way of reaching out to the correct number of current and new clients. Both trade groups and financial entities rely on this technique of data collection. Furthermore, call centres, which acquire the necessary software, want auto call services. They are based on advanced IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology.


This approach allows you to contact a pre-populated customer list and transfer data automatically. Furthermore, it is possible to construct a multi-level voice menu and, as a result, to classify clients by subject and conduct sociological research.


Why do I need a service to order a callback on my website?


A callback from the website is a fairly effective form of communication between the company and the client. The main page usually displays a script in the form of an understandable button (when clicked, a special program triggers, establishing an Internet connection between the seller and the buyer). It is needed so that, after the time indicated on the screen, the company manager or consultant can call the person who has pressed the button back.


The benefits of calling back from a website.


Using a free website callback service allows the business owner to get the following benefits:


  • Getting information promptly. The customer doesn't have to think over the question to your managers, then describe and clarify everything they are interested in your product.

  • The possibility of free communication with a representative of the company, which increases brand loyalty.

  • Increases the number of sales from the site.

  • For managers, work with clients becomes easier. If in the process of the conversation, it turns out that the product chosen does not suit the client. The consultant can offer other options.

  • The client doesn't have to wait long on the line until he is connected to an available manager.

  • Why do I need a service to order a callback on my website?