The best services for customer support on the website

Online consultants, comment widgets, NPS, online calculators, form builders, payment systems for websites, etc.

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Why do I need customer support?


The task of support is to take the appeals of customers who have problems, fix them and solve them. Sometimes to solve a customer's problem it's enough to answer the question, but in other cases you need to pass the request to a specialized specialist who will look into the problem, give a detailed explanation and make the solution work again.


Customer support service is needed to develop and maintain a particular product or service of the company. It should be easily accessible. Ideally, access should be around the clock because it is convenient for the customer when his questions can be solved at any time of day and night, not on weekdays until 20.00.


Also, support should be prompt, that is, the client's problem must be solved quickly. Support worker should be a person who is able to wave a magic wand to get rid of all the client's problems. Therefore, the answer of a specialist should not be limited to rapidity. Politeness and tact have not been canceled. Whatever the question the client - it must be resolved as a matter of national importance.


So, a satisfied client is a loyal customer. A loyal customer is a potential follower of the company. And what can be better for the company than customers who constantly increase its income? Besides, nothing raises the company's image so much as a good review of its client. It is a whirlwind: a good company image means new customers, new partnerships, additional profits.


Different kinds of customer service


Many businesses today are following the trend of providing good customer service to ensure they have a good experience with their products. Ultimately, this helps companies make a positive impact on customers and keep them satisfied. Over the years, companies and organizations have come up with different types of customer service to provide cost-effective marketing.


For example, customer service can be of different types. It can be in-person service through sales representatives or over the phone. Another popular type of customer service is known as automated service. One great example of automated service that many may be familiar with is internet sites.


No matter what type of customer service an organization provides, as long as customers benefit from it and have a cost-effective experience, it will always be beneficial to both the customer and the company.


Some customers also need in-home service to install, maintain or upgrade their products. To provide customers with a superior experience, customer support teams solve problems through in-home customer service.


Builds reputation and customer loyalty


When a customer has any questions about a product, it can be an opportunity for any business to earn the loyalty of its customers by providing good customer service. When a company takes a customer's question or problem seriously and offers a good solution, it builds a good reputation for its company.


A satisfied customer is more likely to recommend the company's product or service to a friend, which is especially important for start-up companies.


Quick answers for success!


Set up an internal service that automatically sends updates to employees and customers when contact has been made. Make sure inbound social contacts are also assigned automatically, as no one wants a tweet that is public to go unanswered.


Customers need to know:


a.) that they have been heard; b.) the timeline for resolving the problem; c.) who is responsible; d.) updates in case of unforeseen delays.


The same principles that apply to call centers should also apply to startups. Aim for quick problem resolution (less than 24 hours). Don't make the customer wait so long that they feel the need to email, tweet, or call again. If the problem is not resolved, a higher level employee should be contacted.


Customer expectations for online support


1. easy interaction.

65 percent of customers want to buy from companies that offer quick and easy online transactions.


2. Choice of channels.

The reality is that customers expect companies to be as easy to adapt to new and emerging channels as they are. That means meeting your customer where they are, whether it's email, chat or DM on Instagram.


3. quick responses.

Most customers expect an email response within 12 hours or less, and for channels like social media and chat, you're expected to be even faster.


4. Sensitive agents.

49% of customers want agents to be responsive. Meanwhile, they also have high expectations for diversity and corporate responsibility.


In addition to technical skills, customer service agents need to show empathy and humanity in their roles.


Why do we need online consultants for the site?


An online consultant for a website is a common software that allows for feedback between the consumer and the company. This solution is implemented in several forms:


  • A special form on the site;

  • A button to order a callback;

  • Communication by e-mail;

  • A chat window with an online-assistant.


There are several options for feedback: call or order a callback, send an email, etc. However, the visitor doesn't always want to talk to someone, wait until he/she gets a call back or an e-mail is answered. On this sometimes simply no time, and get the information is necessary.


This is the main advantage of online consultants for the user - a convenient form is always at hand. You do not need to go anywhere to send an email. Everything is done quickly, easily and conveniently.


Types of online-consultants


Online chat can be of two types: inactive or active. Chat of the first type opens only if the user himself wants to use it. The form for communication appears after clicking on the icon. The problem of this type is that the user may not do this and simply leave the resource.


Active chat opens automatically. It happens depending on the settings. The main parameters can be certain actions of the visitor, the duration of his stay on the site, etc.


It is important to choose the right moment for activity. Often site owners make the mistake and set up the chat so that it pops up when it is not necessary. For example, the user has just entered the site, and he is already offered help, although the person has not even had time to look around. The main thing is not to overdo it and do not make the service intrusive.


What are the services for the NPS?


Net Promoter Score (NPS) or customer loyalty index - a metric that determines the attitude of consumers to your company. To put it another way, NPS shows a company's growth prospects.


Why the NPS is needed:

  • Consumer loyalty is one of the key KPIs, and here are some arguments:

  • It can cost 5 to 25 times more to bring in a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer.

  • Reducing customer churn by 5% increases revenue by 25-95%.

  • Your loyal consumers are 4 times more likely to make repeat purchases than others.

  • 85% of consumers are referred by "word of mouth."


NPS goals:

  • Gathering honest feedback from customers and evaluating the company from the outside.

  • Grouping of users - those who are ready to recommend the brand and those who were dissatisfied. The first ones we encourage, the second ones we listen, analyze, offer solutions and turn them into our company supporters.

  • Creating a strategy for behavior with customers.

  • Building a model for the development of the company.


What are the comment widgets for?


The Comments widget is designed to allow users to comment on articles and other materials on your site without additional registration.


How does the Comments widget work?


In order to leave a comment, a user must be authorized on the VKontakte site. Then the user writes a comment and publishes it.


The user who left a comment can broadcast it to his page with a link to the original article. Tree comments are also supported, and it's possible to attach various media files when commenting.


Comments and their impact on SEO

The presence of comments and reviews on the page greatly affects the site's search engine ranking. For example, Google's Pandora algorithm gives such pages dynamic status. And it has long been known that UGC content improves behavioral factors on a site, which in turn improves rankings.


In third-party commenting systems, comments are indexed only if they are rendered in the HTML code of the page.


Why do you need a knowledge base solution?


For a corporate knowledge base to be really useful, it has to be easy to use. It is important to organize proper storage, search and updating of information. While the amount of data is small, simple options such as file hosting, cloud storages, or even local archives may be sufficient. But as your knowledge accumulates, you need a specialized solution. Here is an overview of tools for professional creation of a corporate knowledge base.


Why do businesses need a knowledge base?


The solution to questions that have arisen.

First of all, an online knowledge base helps your clients to solve problems on their own, without applying to your support service. And if a customer contacts the support service, ready instructions from the knowledge base will help your employees to answer his/her questions quicker.


Customer immersion

In most cases, new customers quickly stop using a product if they do not understand how to use it. The knowledge base is designed to help newcomers understand the product, speeding up familiarization with the service and performing work tasks. Many companies create a separate section in the knowledge base, "Getting Started," to make the process of new customer immersion as quick and easy as possible.