The best platforms for advertising networks

Teaser networks, advertising ordering services, ABM-marketing, etc.

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What are teaser networks for? 


A teaser is a special ad designed to create intrigue in the person who sees it. The main purpose of the teaser - to make the user click on it, and go to the site to which it refers. Achieved this effect through eye-catching images and headlines.


Teaser networks - this is a kind of intermediaries between advertisers and site owners. The webmaster can register his resource as an advertising platform. He will be given a code, which should be added to the code of his site. After that, on the pages of the resource will appear teasers - ads, for clicks on which the owner will receive income.


Depending on their wishes, the webmaster can choose one of two payment options:


1. CPC. Implies payment only for clicks on the teaser.
2. CPA. Payment is made for any completed action, specified by the advertiser. This can be a subscription, an email address, link to a page, etc.


The main and decisive advantage of using teaser networks is the total control over the process of buying and selling traffic. The system will independently calculate which advertising sites are suitable, as well as determine the effective ads in order to increase the webmaster's profits.


Teasers as an internet marketing tool are used for different tasks. 


For example:


  • Promotion of the brand, goods in the network;

  • Lidogeneration, replenishment of the customer base;

  • Exploration of the loyalty of the target audience to the company's new products;

  • Promotions and sales, the elimination of goods at a reduced price;

  • Generation of traffic to the site or individual landing pages;

  • Direct sales and more.


What are the services for ordering advertising


Choosing advertising buying services, you should primarily focus on the most important criteria: cost of services, payment methods, warranty, availability of additional features (analysis of audience activity or analysis of the effectiveness of advertising, analysis of promotion methods, etc.). 

The coverage of the audience, the number of advertising sites, the total number of users involved in the process are important.


To understand which way to go, answer the following questions:


What do you want to achieve with this RC: bring more people to the site, attract a large audience to your ad, increase the number of subscriptions in social networks?


Where can you "catch" your target audience. It's unlikely that students need to be found on classmates, and an audience of 50+ on instagram. Think about it so that you don't waste your budget.


Model the situation: how is the purchase likely to go down? Will the customer make a decision right away, or will he leave to think about and compare offers?


What is better to emphasize: the text or the visual component of the ad? If the product is unique and has a decorative function, such as a composition of dried flowers, then a high-quality picture will be the main attribute. 


Determine the budget and calculate the risks. To properly allocate costs, you need to understand how much you are willing to invest. Take time to determine your promotion channel, your potential customers, and how to reach them. Do not spare money on this at the start, you will provide yourself with better work in the future.



What you need ABM marketing services for


ABM is based on the integration of sales and marketing activities within a B2B organization. ABM approaches the individual customer as an individual market. It is typically carried out by organizations involved in B2B sales.

Communication, which is part of the business marketing strategy, is carried out by a multitude of stakeholders. The focus here is on individual accounts and customers. As we know, in the B2B sector, making a sale can take a significant amount of time, and salespeople often have to argue with fickle stakeholders, which can delay closing a deal.

To start selling with AVM, you need detailed information about key customers and their company structure. With AVM, it's all-or-nothing: You either sell a lot or you don't get a dime. Your target audience becomes an entire company.

ABM has such advantages over other marketing approaches:

Marketing communications are crafted in a personalized way. This means that the content will be as relevant to the business needs of the lead as possible, and they are more likely to become your customer.

Because account-based marketing is more personalized than traditional marketing, it seems to cost more to implement. But in fact, the opposite is true: ABM reduces up to 50% of wasted time on leads who will never buy your product.

Faster sales
Using account-based marketing techniques, companies shorten the sales cycle. Marketers and salespeople can focus exclusively on those leads that are most likely to generate revenue.