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I like how flexible their quizzes are. They allow for some astounding adaptations. It has proven to be a useful tool for generating leads on my website. I'd like to compliment their customer service personnel as well. They've been really helpful and accommodating to my demands, and they've responded to my requests very quickly. Overall, my interaction with Outgrow has been wonderful, and I'm glad I discovered their product.

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Powerful and easy to set up interactive calculators. Templates are optimized with many A/B tests and typically have conversion rates over 40%. Easy customization

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There are numerous integrations, including HubSpot! Easy to use, with a plethora of choices and functions. Excellent analytic tools with recommendations for how to improve. I particularly loved the function that provides a little video with an explanation for each section or new feature I was going to use - it made it super simple and quick to get started. It also includes a number of SEO tools, such as Facebook pixel tracking and Google Analytics tracking. Outgrow can also create an animated gif of a completed quiz, which we loved and used everywhere we could. Support crew is extremely helpful and responds immediately! And we've worked out a special arrangement, so it's great that they're open for business.

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In the fast-paced world of digital marketing and customer engagement, interactive tools such as form builders have become indispensable for businesses looking to enhance user experience and gather valuable data. Outgrow, widely recognized for its comprehensive marketing tools, offers a form builder that has caught the attention of many professionals. Here’s a detailed review of Outgrow’s form builder software, examining why it might just be the best option for your business in 2024.

Ease of use and flexibility

One of the most significant advantages of Outgrow’s form builder is its user-friendly interface. Even those without any coding knowledge can create forms with ease, thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. This feature allows users to select from various components like text boxes, radio buttons, and sliders, making the form as simple or as complex as needed.

Additionally, Outgrow provides a variety of pre-designed templates which cater to different industries and needs, such as lead generation, customer feedback, and event registrations. This not only simplifies the creation process but also ensures that the forms are optimized for higher conversion rates.

Customization capabilities

Outgrow stands out for its high level of customization. Users can tailor almost every aspect of their forms to fit the brand’s identity and meet specific objectives. From adjusting the color schemes and fonts to adding images and videos, the options are vast. More importantly, these customizable elements are not just for aesthetics; they can significantly impact user engagement and improve completion rates.

Integration and compatibility

Another area where Outgrow excels is in its seamless integration capabilities. The platform supports integration with a wide range of third-party applications such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Mailchimp. This compatibility ensures that data collected through forms can be easily transferred to other marketing and CRM tools, aiding in streamlined workflow and better data management.

Moreover, Outgrow’s forms are designed to be responsive across all devices. Whether your audience is accessing the form via desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the experience is consistently smooth and engaging.

Analytics and optimization

Outgrow provides detailed analytics that goes beyond just counting how many people filled out your form. The platform offers insights into user behavior, such as which fields are most commonly completed or abandoned, how long users spend on the form, and the conversion rates of different versions of the same form. This data is invaluable for optimizing forms to maximize engagement and conversions.

Furthermore, A/B testing is a breeze with Outgrow. Users can easily create different versions of the same form to test various elements like headlines, form length, and CTA buttons, ensuring that every aspect of the form is fine-tuned to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Compliance and security

Security is a crucial consideration for any online form builder, and Outgrow does not disappoint. The platform is compliant with major regulations like GDPR, ensuring that the data collected is handled securely and ethically. This is especially important for businesses that operate in or cater to customers from regions with strict data protection laws.

Customer support and community

Outgrow provides robust customer support through multiple channels including live chat, email, and a detailed knowledge base. This support ensures that users can get help whenever needed, facilitating a smoother experience in form creation and management.

The community around Outgrow is also a valuable resource. It includes a mix of experienced users and newcomers, all contributing to a vibrant exchange of ideas, tips, and best practices. This community can be particularly beneficial for businesses looking to explore new ways to leverage their forms for better engagement.


While Outgrow is not the cheapest form builder on the market, its pricing structure is reasonable given the features and capabilities it offers. There are different plans available, which allow businesses of various sizes and budgets to find an option that suits their needs. Additionally, considering the potential ROI from increased conversions and improved user engagement, the investment in Outgrow can be well justified.

Bottom line

Outgrow’s form builder is an excellent choice for businesses aiming to enhance user interaction and data collection in 2024. Its ease of use, extensive customization options, robust integration capabilities, comprehensive analytics, and solid compliance and security measures make it a standout solution in the crowded market of form builders. Whether you are a small startup or a large corporation, Outgrow has the potential to elevate your digital marketing efforts significantly.