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Были небольшие проблемы с установкой, но работа порадовала, пока твердая 4!
Денис Ракитин

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Сервис работает на 5/5, реально круто!
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Пока тестирую, но плохого ничего сказать не могу
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Сервис отличный, проблем никогда с ним не было
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Пользуюсь сервисом уже 4й год. В основном для кластеризации и сбора семантики проекты. Радует скорость сбора. Ядро для мелкого сайта собираю за 30 мин...
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Проверяю позиции в Rush Analytics. Данные собирает быстро и точно. Радуют удобные графики и сравнение конкурентов. Это помогло мне подобрать нужную ст...

An enterprise's or company's information security is defined as a set of organizational and technical procedures aimed at maintaining and protecting information and its important aspects, as well as the equipment and systems used to work with, store, and transport information. This set contains information management technologies, standards, and practices that assure its effective protection.

It is only possible to ensure the full and reliable information security of an enterprise by applying a comprehensive and systematic approach. The information security system must be built taking into account all current threats and vulnerabilities, as well as those threats that may arise in the future.


Therefore, it is important to support continuous monitoring, which should be in place daily and around the clock. A prerequisite is to ensure control at every stage of the information lifecycle, from the moment it enters the company's infrastructure to the loss of relevance or data destruction.

The data framework of an undertaking is continually presented to various dangers, which are partitioned into a few sorts by their starting point: 

  • Regular. Dangers brought about by causes outside human ability to control. These incorporate typhoons, fires, lightning strikes, floods, and other catastrophic events. 

  • Fake. A bunch of man-conveyed intimidations to data security. Fake dangers, thusly, are separated into purposeful and inadvertent. Deliberate dangers incorporate the activities of contenders, programmer assaults, damage of insulted representatives, and so forth Accidental dangers emerge because of activities submitted because of an absence of skill or carelessness. 

  • Inner. Dangers that emerge inside an undertaking's data foundation. 

  • Outer. Dangers that start outside the data framework of the endeavor.

Contingent upon the techniques for execution utilized, data security assurances are of the accompanying kinds: 

Hierarchical. A bunch of measures and method for hierarchical legitimate and authoritative specialized nature. The first incorporate administrative and administrative demonstrations, neighborhood regulating archives of the association. The subsequent sort are measures for the upkeep of the data framework of the item. 

Equipment (specialized). Uncommon hardware and gadgets that forestall spills, ensure against interruptions into the IT framework. 


Programming. Uncommon programming, intended for assurance, control and capacity of data. 


Programming and equipment. Uncommon hardware with introduced programming for information assurance.

The choice of tools to protect corporate information when creating such a system should be made taking into account a variety of factors, such as:

  • the scope of the company's business;

  • the size of the business, the presence of geographically remote subdivisions, as well as subdivisions that require special IT protection;

  • technical equipment of the company - the composition and characteristics of the used equipment, the level of obsolescence, etc;

  • level of training and experience of the personnel engaged in maintenance of information infrastructure. 


The company's own IT department is usually unable to implement such an integrated approach. The result is the use of standard solutions that cannot meet today's data security challenges. This leads to large gaps in this area, which risks losing or damaging valuable information through unauthorized outside interference.

Buyer's guide when selecting a security service in a company


What is implied by the idea of "data security of an endeavor"? 


Data security of an endeavor or an organization is a bunch of authoritative and specialized measures to safeguard and ensure data and its key components, just as gear and frameworks that are utilized to work with data, its stockpiling and move. This complex incorporates advances, guidelines and strategies for data the board, which guarantee its viable insurance.


Guaranteeing data security ensures data and the data foundation of a venture from negative impacts. Such impacts can be inadvertent or intentional, inner or outer. 


The consequence of such obstructions can be the deficiency of significant data, its unapproved alteration or use by outsiders. Subsequently, data security is a significant part of ensuring a business and guaranteeing its congruity. 


The standards of powerful execution of data security frameworks in the organization: privacy, uprightness and accessibility.


  • Classification implies coordinating and keeping up with viable controls to guarantee adequate security of information, resources and data at different phases of business cycles to forestall unapproved or undesirable exposure. Classification support fundamentally applies to the maintenance and travel of data in any arrangement. 

  • Uprightness incorporates the controls that guarantee inward and outer consistency of data. Uprightness guarantees that information can't be tainted at any phase of business tasks. 

  • Openness upholds full and solid admittance to data for authorities who are approved to do as such. The central issue here is the consistency of the cycles occurring in the organization climate, so clients can get to the important information at the perfect opportunity. One significant factor in the accessibility of data is the capacity to reestablish the framework rapidly and totally after a disappointment, so it doesn't contrarily affect the working of the organization. 


In the past tab, we chose administrations that meet these focuses.