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I will definitely give you 5 stars. However, I can't continue to use this plugin on my e-commerce site as it has drastically reduced site speed. I may try it on other sites in the future, so I will keep my premium license.

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I looked for a plugin to hide and protect my sites because I use already a high-quality security module.
After reading and exploring for several weeks, I found the best 3 ones.
I purchased from all of them the pro-versions because I think it's worth to spent a small amount to have the right one.
All of them did their job really well, and I would give 4,9 stars.
But this one worth really 5 Stars.

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I simply turned off the plugin for a while to see how effective it is. Within an hour, I had received over 20 security threat notices. Hide My WP gives me a sense of security, which is one of the reasons I prefer it. I felt compelled to share it.

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The main features of the plugin


  • Path configuration

  • Securing common paths and WP files

  • URL and text matching

  • Brute force attack protection

  • WP header hiding

  • XML-RPC protection

  • Cross site scripting (XSS)

  • Firewall protection against scripts and SQL injection

  • Login attempt restriction

  • Email Alerts

  • WordPress Security Check

  • WordPress Activity Log