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Beaver Builder is a plugin, but it's more than just your typical WordPress plugin. It's a framework. It's an engine of sorts; a complete set of tools that adds the simplicity of Developing a site on WordPress ,

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I think that Beaver Builder is an excellent plugin from an established, dependable development team. It has been around for over seven years now, and it has built up a great community in that time.

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Beaver Builder is incredibly simple to use, and I couldn't be happier. I'm now using the free edition of Beaver Builder with WordPress, and it's helped me construct a fantastic website. I'm blown away by how simple it is to use as well as how functional it is. You can utilize preset modules and templates to make setting up a page layout extremely straightforward.

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BeaverBuilder is a reliable WordPress page builder plugin. Save time and become more receptive to new ideas!


With a preview option, the page builder allows you to edit numerous webpages at once. Depending on your business goals, it could be a blog or a landing page.


You have the ability to alter HTML, PHP, CSS, and JS code. There are also a plethora of templates to fit all preferences and themes. The builder is intuitive and can be used on both a PC and a mobile device. You can drag and drop parts as you wish. Beaver Builder also allows you to import and export media assets, store ready-made modules/samples/templates, translate pages, use custom fonts, and use shortcodes.


Beaver Builder's themes demand special attention. It's a great framework for whatever project you're working on. You may alter the themes with SEO-friendly coding and WooCommerce integration, in addition to a large selection of themes.


Take use of appealing templates that give them personality when you need to develop a specific sort of page, such as 404 error pages, search query pages, WooCommerce products, and others. Some of the templates can be mixed and match.


Control the appearance of each post or other element on your page.




Edit immediately with the page builder plugin. You get what you give birth to. BeaverBuilder's user-friendly WordPress website builder interacts with your page's interface in real time. Any page you create with BeaverBuilder will be fully functional as long as you use an adaptive theme.


BeaverBuilder theme - the creators have achieved a unique balance in the builder's settings and functionality, making it fully adaptable to all of their themes. The theme settings pages can now be previewed. It's now as simple to edit them as it is to edit the pages themselves.


You may create templates for archive pages, general post types, 404 error pages, and search pages using the Beaver Themer addon. You can use field links to connect your layouts to the data in each template type.


The help plugin is a handy tool for navigating your WordPress site and doing simple actions without having to go into the admin area. Find a page or post quickly and easily update its headers. You can also navigate to attachment sites and upload media assets.




Unlimited sites, plugin page builder, annual maintenance, premium templates and layouts are included in the standard tariff of $99 per year.


Unlimited sites, plugin page builder, annual maintenance, premium templates and layouts are included in the standard tariff of $99 per year.


Tariff Pro - $199 - includes everything in the basic tariff plus Beaver Builder themes and the option to work with numerous sites.


Tariff 399$ includes everything in the Pro+ white label tariff.