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We now use backupbuddy on all of our wordpress sites. You can schedule it daily or weekly. We have used it to migrate and restore sites. It's not the cheapest option, but it's worth it.

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They hide their refund policy at the bottom of the page and when you complain that you cannot use their products because they are incompatible with your hosting provider, they just refuse to give the money back. They don't even offer to contact your host. They've had $42 out of me for doing nothing. Daylight robbery. When they sell back up buddy, they should have a pop-up or warning to check with your host provider first.

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It's a breeze to set up. You'll be taken through the entire backup schedule and file destination creation process.

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An easy-to-use WordPress plugin that protects a million WordPress sites from 2010.




While other WordPress backup plugins only back up your WordPress database, BackupBuddy backs up your entire WordPress installation, ensuring that you have copies of all your WordPress site files. This plugin includes everything you need, including all your WordPress media library files, themes, the ability to back up all your files and more. At the end of the backup, you get an archive file that you can download, where you have essentially compiled your entire WordPress site. This backup includes the following types of data:


  • Pages

  • Posts

  • Widgets

  • Comments

  • Thematic files

  • Plugin files

  • Theme and plugin settings

  • Wordpress settings

  • Wordpress data

  • WordPress key files

  • Users

  • Download media library

  • Custom posts

  • Categories and tags

  • Images, videos, etc.

  • In just a few clicks you can archive your site using a handy toolbar. The entire backup process takes no less than 5 simple steps.

Customize your backup content

Not all WordPress backups can be the same. Run database, file-only or full backups, or set up custom backup profiles.


Downloadable archive ZIP files

Once your backup is complete, you can upload a zip file of your entire WordPress website.


Scheduled backups

BackupBuddy offers automatic WordPress backup schedules (hourly, twice a day, daily, every other day, fortnightly, weekly, monthly, etc.).


Remote storage of backup files

Automatically send backup files to multiple cloud storage services, including BackupBuddy Stash, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox and more.


Instant email notifications

Get notified instantly when BackupBuddy completes or needs attention, so you can always be sure you have an up-to-date backup of your site.


 Restore WordPress with ImportBuddy

BackupBuddy includes the ImportBuddy tool to restore your WordPress site to a previous backup if something goes wrong.