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What I like most about BlogVault is their versatile dashboard, which allows me to monitor my WordPress sites from one place. In the dashboard, I can see which sites have plugins that need to be updated, whether security and backups are enabled, and whether a particular site is online or not. I can also update plugins or restore backups from the dashboard and perform other important functions needed to maintain multiple WordPress sites. Aside from the dashboard, I also like that BlogVault is one of the few security solutions for WordPress that doesn't take up your server resources or slow down your site.

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The user interface looks horrible. Almost as if no thought was put into it. Luckily it is rarely used. Also the migration is a little slower than expected. For larger stores, it will probably take a couple of hours

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My favorite feature of BlogVault is their all-in-one dashboard, which allows me to manage all of my WordPress websites from one place. I can check which sites require plug-in updates, if security and backup are enabled, and whether a certain site is online or not from the dashboard. I may also use the dashboard to update plug-ins, restore a backup, and do other important tasks related to managing many WordPress websites. Aside from the interface, I like that BlogVault is one of the few WordPress security solutions that does not deplete your server's resources or cause your website to slow down.

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The most reliable WordPress backup plugin, trusted by over 400,000 websites. 100% recovery rate. Secure cloud backups, built-in free backup preparation, massive site updates.



  • Backups that always work: extra backups to never overwhelm your server, free external storage ensures 24/7 availability. Quickly identify problems with change logs. It's also the first plugin with support for backing up large numbers of sites.

  • Site recovery speed up to 70% with BlogVault: 100% site recovery,

  • Archive for site recovery after any error, which saves backups for up to 90 days. You can perform full site recovery even if the site is down.

  • Integration at any stage of website creation: works on any hosting, you can safely test updates and changes to your website, the intermediate version works on BlogVault cloud servers. No additional costs for anything. One-click version merging to make changes to your existing site.

  • Secure site migration - up to 80% speed for fast migration, in just one click or automatically, smart ability to rewrite site URLs, migrate to new domain, hosting, DNS or server without much trouble.

  • Manage multiple sites: Save up to 12 hours per week with a centralised dashboard backup, hosting and migration in one place; Invite team members to collaborate effectively; Exclusive white label solution to increase revenue; Beautiful and detailed client reports.

WooCommerce backups, use this feature if:

  • Your WooCommerce site needs more than a daily backup.

  • You need to back up all your orders as they go.

  • You need to perform recovery at any time with 365-day backup archives.

  • You need data protection via 24/7 remote storage.

  • You need custom table backups for WooCommerce shops.


  • Rates are calculated according to the size of the organisation.

  • Individual (1 site) - rate basic ($7.4); Plus ($12.4); Advanced ($20.75) per month.

  • Small business (up to 5 sites) - rate basic ($16.58); Plus ($29.9); Advanced ($45.75) per month.

  • Developer (up to 20 sites) - rate basic ($49); Plus ($79); Advanced ($149) per month.

  • Agency or big business (more than 20 sites) - from 49$ per month for basic rate for 20 sites; Price rises depending on plan and number of sites (50, 100, >100)