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Creatoriq - pricing, customer reviews, features, free plans, alternatives, comparisons, service costs.


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Referrizer - pricing, customer reviews, features, free plans, alternatives, comparisons, service costs.


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Upfluence - pricing, customer reviews, features, free plans, alternatives, comparisons, service costs.


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Markerly - pricing, customer reviews, features, free plans, alternatives, comparisons, service costs.


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Monotype - pricing, customer reviews, features, free plans, alternatives, comparisons, service costs.


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Сohley - pricing, customer reviews, features, free plans, alternatives, comparisons, service costs.


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Gordon Parson

Gordon Parson on Creatoriq

I love it. A bold new look from the team that brought you SocialEdge.
Douglas Davis

Douglas Davis on Сohley

Not a bad service, but its analogues do their job better and cheaper
Annie Gilbert

Annie Gilbert on Upfluence

This is the best place to achieve financial freedom by investing in the binary and cryptocurrency market. I am happy to have you in my life. Thank you
Liam Harris

Liam Harris on Referrizer

I am still at the stage of getting acquainted with the service, so I can't highlight anything serious, but I would like to note the technical support....
Andrew Flatcher

Andrew Flatcher on Markerly

Markerly allows me to vet legitimate influencers for social missions with the latest research, finding out who has the best commitment, where their ad...
Gordon Parson

Gordon Parson on Monotype

A mediocre service, does not stand out from the rest. Of course it copes with its tasks, but for my money it could be better

Influencers are divided into two types: micro and macro. Micro subscribers are those with fewer than 10,000, whereas macro subscribers are those with more than 10,000. These two categories, however, are further subdivided into types. There are seven types in total:


  • Bloggers and vloggers (bloggers and vloggers);

  • users who are well-known on the social media platform;

  • celebrities;

  • journalists;

  • journalists who represent a brand;

  • analysts;

The product is usually priced based on a monthly or annual subscription. Many vendors also offer a free trial of their software. Prices for this service can vary greatly. Generally, you will have to factor in the costs associated with paying the influencer, as well as the cost of working with his or her marketing agency, or using the influencer marketing platform

Choosing the Right Influencer Marketing Service: A Guide


In influencer marketing, how do you work with influencers?


Influencer marketing is a collaborative dynamic in which business partners collaborate with Influencers to promote a brand. The appropriate Influencer can directly contact your target audience, increase product credibility, and increase engagement. Remember that in today's world, influencers are bombarded with offers. They aren't always interested in following a predetermined, formulaic advertising strategy.

When you first approach an Influencer, demonstrate that you've taken the time to find his style and approach. Find out what his or her channels are and what his or her audience's interests are. As a recommendation, start your interaction with the Influencer slowly, in a natural way, such as by showing interest in posts from your Influencer. Evaluate their content and comment if necessary. Be appreciative, and don't start commanding them from the first posts in your communication.


Marketing software for the Influencer


Marketing tools and software help the Influencer find a connection between your brand (the product it advertises) and its audience and social media posts. Influencer marketing platforms provide marketing departments with data on what content and which influencer will work best for your brand.

"Influencer" – a content producer who already has numerous social media followers. New content producers might take months, if not years, to emerge, regardless of quality. As a result, businesses can hire influencer marketing agencies, although these services are often more expensive than using an influencer marketing platform.

Consequently, it can be very advantageous for marketers to associate their brand with an already established influencer and increase the visibility of their products. This is a key reason for the rapid growth of "influencer marketing," which, today, dominates the content marketing industry.


Functions and features of influencer marketing software


Here are some common features of influencer marketing software:


  • Content Search: Ability to search online for content by brand and product name.

  • Mention alerts: Notifications that are sent to a user if their brand or product has been mentioned or tagged by someone on social media.

  • Content Analysis: Tracks brand information to determine what content performs best in terms of metrics such as page views and referrals to your company's website.

  • Competitor Analysis:The ability to track the effectiveness of competing brands' content and make detailed comparisons to your brand's content.

  • Influencer Search: Ability to search for relevant Influencers specific to your industry and establish contact with them.

  • Influencer Tracking: Ability to track influencer activity and track their posts and publications.

  • Historical Data: The ability to track content performance over the past month, quarter, year, or years to see how the content market has evolved.

  • Media monitoring: The ability to monitor online media for links to your brand or products.

  • Social media monitoring: Ability to monitor social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for links to your product or brand.

  • Report generation: Ability to generate content and Influencer reports for effectiveness.

  • Campaign planning: Allows the user to plan a unique content strategy with Influencer, usually across all social media platforms.

  • Social media integration (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram): Allows the user to access their brand's social media accounts from within the software and create and track posts.

  • Mobile App: Clients can use the mobile app to access the software and view content performance reports.


Comparing influencer marketing software

To compare different influencer marketing platforms, consider these factors for each product offering:


Usability: As your business expands, seek opportunities to automate workflows to make it less time-consuming. Prioritize your choice of functionality, including schema development, ease of use, assignment tracking and structural customization. This is a new category of software, so pay attention to its basics: support and implementation. 


Specificity: A good platform will save you from having to spend resources on influxes that aren't right for you. This maximizes your relevancy and the effectiveness of related campaigns. The best software should have different criteria: selection by age, gender, location, education, language, as well as metrics such as income level, content, audience social activity and brand affinity.
ROI: Price is always important when evaluating software, but given the subjective nature of influencer marketing, you need to make sure you can track the success of the product you choose. Pick a platform that can provide an estimate of ROI in your favor, before the marketing campaign begins and throughout the duration of the campaign.
Pricing influencer marketing software


Product pricing is usually based on monthly or annual subscriptions. Prices start at about $30 for smaller plans and can go up to several hundred dollars for more extensive and enterprise-level plans. Many vendors also offer a free trial of their software