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While testing, but no complaints to the service, no bugs and lags detected
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An electronic signature solution allows users to put their signatures on a digital document. Cloud-based solutions allow multiple people to sign documents from multiple locations, while desktop solutions allow users to edit and sign documents on their own laptop, computer or mobile device.

Many include strong security features that capture the signer's location and computer information to make sure they actually signed the document. 


An electronic signature solution can be used for almost any signature needed today. With the exception of a tariff contract, a legal document that standardizes the value of goods between parties and requires a signature in wet ink, you can use the Internet to edit and sign most contracts and documents.

If a form, document, or agreement requires some sort of signature, there is likely electronic signature software that can handle the task.

Electronic signatures are completely safe to use. All of the applications presented here take security seriously and allow you and your employees to sign documents without fear.

This does not mean that you should not use the usual Internet security measures, such as strong unique passwords to log in to the e-signature program.

Electronic signature is a term for a handwritten signature or something similar that reflects your intention to sign a document.

These terms can be used interchangeably, but digital signature usually refers to a type of authentication that preserves, protects, and verifies digital documents and resources.

How to choose the best service for creating and electronically signing documents?

What is an electronic digital signature? 


An electronic digital signature (EDS) is a modern alternative to a traditional handwritten signature. It doesn't look like your signature, but it has the same legal effect. 


Another difference is that an EDS is valid for one year from the date of receipt. An EDS looks like a file which is created by cryptographic transformation of information. The file contains an electronic key, which is created specifically for you. All data in the electronic digital signature file is encrypted.  


Why do I need an EDS?


An electronic digital signature is needed to confirm your identity on online services and to sign electronic documents. Businesses and government officials most often need an EDS. Civil servants can file electronic income tax returns. Businesses can file tax returns on the State Fiscal Service website.


It is possible to get a certificate of absence of criminal record. It is sometimes required when applying for a job, obtaining a visa to travel abroad, obtaining a weapon permit, establishing guardianship or adoption, participation in public procurement and electronic bidding, and other cases. 


A number of electronic services are provided by the Pension Fund. By means of EDS it is possible to receive the certificate of work and insurance record, the certificate of pensioner's income for subsidy.


It is also possible to see the salary and the amount, which is credited for pension. Apply for assignment or recalculation of pension. Make changes to your pension file and order your pension certificate. 


EDS comes in handy at the iGov portal of public services. You can apply online for passport of citizen of your country or international passport. Apply for state registration of marriage.


For some regions an online service is available for birth registration, death registration, re-issuance of birth certificate, registration of residence and obtaining a certificate of family composition. Earlier it was possible to get a certificate of income online, but now the service is not available.


With the help of EDS, on iGov you can submit an appeal to officials, an electronic petition, an application for copyright registration. You can also get some medical certificates. Apply to disconnect the house from the district heating network and connect autonomous heating. 


The list of possibilities does not end here. Every year, more and more online services are launched, and electronic document management is becoming more commonplace. 


What are electronic digital signatures? 


Electronic digital signatures can be reinforced and ordinary. The reinforced signature is needed for representatives of state authorities, local governments and state-owned enterprises. As well as state registrars and notaries. 


To get an enhanced signature you have to visit an accredited key certification center (ATSK) under the State Finance Ministry or bodies of justice. There is a charge for obtaining a signature and requires personal presence at the institution. There are also agencies which issue EDS for their employees.


With a normal signature, business can carry out electronic document management, submit tax returns, participate in public procurement and other operations.


Paper documents no longer have to be filled out on paper to be legally valid. More and more businesses are going paperless by sending and signing important documents, such as contracts, electronically. However, you need an eSign application to do this. 


Electronic signature or eSign applications allow you to officially sign documents digitally. But before you get started, you need to make an important distinction. An electronic signature is simply your typed, drawn, or otherwise added digital signature to a document. In theory, you can add it using hundreds of applications, from Microsoft Word to Photoshop, depending on how things are set up. They can still be legally binding.