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This is a very useful tool for both database administrators and developers. Administrators can use it to analyze and monitor the database server, and developers can use it to optimize queries.

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I love the functionality of the tool very much, will use further and totally recommend!

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I was pleased with the service, the guys from technical support are real professionals.

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Service capabilities


Performance of queries, tables, and users

Jet Profiler is concerned with queries, tables, and users. This provides you with the information you need to swiftly solve performance issues in your code, such as the most frequently used queries, tables, or users.


Visualization in graphic form.

Data is collected, evaluated, and displayed as charts, pie charts, and tables in real time. The graphical structure makes it simple to navigate and search for vital information.


Low operating costs

The majority of the profiling is done in the Jet Profiler program rather than on the database server. As a result, the performance degradation is often minor, averaging approximately 1%.



It is compatible with all versions of MySQL. There is no need to make any changes to the database server. There is no need for agents or additional services. Jet Profiler is a computer program that runs on your desktop. You run it, connect to the server, hit the record button, and the results are available in minutes. Jet Profiler is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.