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Easy to use, extensive functions. No disadvantages for me.

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A fantastic product that keeps getting better and better, backed by a fantastic team dedicated to create something truly incredible. This is the tool for any organization that is serious about having ultra-high quality graphics/documents/presentations. Yes, there are free programs that perform some of the same things as Visme, but the value you get from Visme far outweighs any free offerings, and not by a few percentage points, but by a factor of a hundred. It was well worth the money.

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This program allowed me to find a way to make extra money. I don't use it that often in my main job, but when preparing presentations for business clients, it really becomes indispensable. Visme is also a joy because it is gradually coming to mobile devices, so I hope that soon I will be able to make presentations without a laptop.

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Visme is a platform for creating presentations, animations, banners, infographics, reports, forms and other visual content.


Key features of Visme:


  • Material templates.

  • Project creation.

  • Inserting content from Flikr.

  • Icon, style, and font customization.

  • Support for video and audio.

  • Content branding.

  • Up to 1 GB for content storage.

  • PDF and HTML5 uploads.

  • Widgets for charts and infographics.

  • Private and public projects.

  • Collaboration.

  • Support.


In the enterprise version of Visme, you can see your folder tree, manage access, and upload or "share" files (JPG, PDF, HTML, code and URL insertion). Plus you can track who, when, and how long they've viewed content.