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Actually NOT a free service. There is no way to download what you have created, even in the free template. Requires you to either buy a paid subscription, or a trial period and payment card details. In terms of functionality, it's not bad.

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The ease with which it can be used. I particularly like how you can add amusing animations to visuals. They provide a large number of professional-looking templates to choose from. Their background cropping tool is one of the nicer ones I've seen, and it only takes one click. They provide a branding package that allows me to use my company colors without difficulty. I have Canva and a few other similar tools, but Crello has quickly become my go-to.

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I think Canva is better.
Crello is just Canva, but with a different design. Canva was created before Crello. Crello sometimes glitches and takes too long to load an image. The other thing is that there is also a Pro version, the same as canva, but crello limits the number of downloads you can do, which is different from canva, which is unlimited.

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Crello is an online editor for creating graphics and content for social networks, video hosting sites and websites. With the Crello image editor, companies and ordinary users can not only create content, but also download photos and stock images. The editor allows to optimize the process of creating graphic materials.


To work in Crello the user has to choose a ready template or choose the format where the material will be used. Crello has templates for creating materials for most types of products and channels: social media stories, posts, logos, posters, presentations, mind maps, and more. Depending on the template or format you choose, the size of the workspace changes.


The online editor Crello works on the principle of the block builder, that is, the user drags the necessary elements from the toolbar to the work surface and changes them. Elements can include images, videos, text entry fields, objects (shapes, graphics, icons, etc.), backgrounds, and even music. Elements can be edited to change color, size, position, fonts, transparency, and animation. Organizations have the ability to add a corporate identity to materials, which they can customize in a special tab.


Crello Features:


  • A collection of thousands of ready-made templates for different material formats.

  • Block-based graphic builder.

  • Photostock consisting of images, videos, vector graphics and photos.

  • User-defined storage.

  • Corporate identity creation.