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It's quick, simple, and precise. It helps you avoid blunders like sending an email that says "hello first name" or sending a single email to all of your recipients (rather than sending an individual email to each recipient). Extremely user-friendly

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GMass is easy to install, the online support is prompt and really helpful, and it's very easy to use. Creating shortcuts in my Gmail contact list was more difficult than using GMass, and I don't think creating shortcuts is that difficult. GMass makes it much easier to work with customers and potential customers.


What problems do you solve with the product? 

The recipient gets an email that looks like a separate email, so you no longer have to manage the hidden copy. Easily manage campaigns or set up messaging for different user groups.  Relevant to the small business owner, and the potential of the service is much greater than it may seem at first glance.


Merge mail with Google Sheets

Say goodbye to CSV files. Connect to Google Sheets to send a personalized email using any of the columns in your spreadsheet.


Send the campaign as responses

Send emails as new messages or as replies to the last conversation with each recipient. Sending a campaign "as a response" results in more engagement because it becomes part of an existing conversation rather than a new one.


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