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Assembly serves as an automated, all-encompassing center for communication, cooperation, and interaction, aiding organizations in promoting interaction, discovering purpose, and staying well-informed. It's a versatile platform that unites individuals, knowledge, and employee engagement.

    Pricing in Assembly

  • Starter. You can use it for free. Appropriate for small teams (comprising fewer than 50 individuals) who are embarking on their exploration of the tool.

  • Lite.You pay $3.50 per member per month. Unlocks a complete spectrum of features with the addition of email support.

  • Standard. The price is $4.50 per participant, monthly.The most popular.Includes full functionality. An implementation support expert will also come to your aid

  • Premium.The price is discussed individually. Similar to the previous package, the functionality is unlimited. It is most suitable for large businesses that need an individual approach.


 Assembly offers an intranet solution that goes beyond the ordinary, featuring an exceptionally user-friendly interface. It excels at tailoring content to meet the specific needs of each individual throughout the organization. The platform's ability to create personalized and relevant content ensures that employees receive information that matters most to them, enhancing their overall experience. This tailored approach fosters engagement and ensures that every team member is well-informed, making Assembly an invaluable tool for organizations seeking to elevate their internal communication and collaboration to new heights.

One of the innovative solutions is Dora - AI. Among the array of innovative solutions, one standout is Dora, a cutting-edge AI-powered assistant. Dora represents a leap forward in harnessing artificial intelligence for enhanced productivity and efficiency within the organization. With Dora's capabilities, tasks that were once time-consuming and manual become streamlined and automated

  • Ability to quickly find information

  • Dora will summarize all the information and help you make a decision

With this dynamic tool, you can harness the power of data and information for improved decision-making, ultimately driving greater efficiency.

Don't overlook the invaluable built-in integrations. Each of these integrations plays a pivotal role in augmenting Dora's intelligence. These integrations are not just a simple addition; they are a catalyst for enhancing Dora's cognitive capabilities. As Dora seamlessly connects with various systems and tools, it continuously expands its knowledge base and sharpens its problem-solving skills. This dynamic process ensures that Dora evolves and grows smarter over time, ultimately serving as an increasingly proficient resource for aiding in your decision-making and data analysis needs.

Exchange of information with employees

This approach not only streamlines work processes but also fosters a sense of value and importance among employees within the organization. Assembly initiated this transformative journey by introducing a reward system that essentially serves as a catalyst for enhancing employee engagement and interaction. By recognizing and rewarding employees for their contributions, Assembly's incentive system bolsters the understanding that each team member plays a vital role in the company's success. This, in turn, creates a positive atmosphere where employees feel appreciated, motivated, and recognized for their efforts, ultimately strengthening their commitment and dedication to the organization.

The main points of this system

  • Celebrate not just a formality; it's a critical component in establishing and nurturing the company's overarching culture. By celebrating accomplishments, you lay the groundwork for a culture of acknowledgment and appreciation within the organization. Furthermore, this practice maximizes transparency as it showcases the value the company places on its employees and their contributions. It extends beyond mere accolades to encompass pivotal elements such as announcing significant new hires, pivotal strategic decisions, and crucial company milestones. This transparent communication serves to keep all team members informed and engaged, fostering a culture of trust and unity that ultimately contributes to the company's success.

  • Choosethe best employees. Choose suitable candidates with the help of employees.By involving your employees in the selection process, you not only benefit from their firsthand knowledge of the company's culture and values but also engage them in shaping the future of the team.

  • Keep your organization well-informed. Create the environment that defines the company's culture and maximize transparency. Communicate essential appointments, strategic decisions, and noteworthy company achievements.

  • Set up rewards. Diversify your reward options with a vast selection of over a thousand gift cards, charitable contributions, and customized cultural rewards, providing an abundance of choices to cater to individual preferences. It fosters a sense of fulfillment, motivation, and engagement that significantly enriches the workplace culture.

Always remember about birthdays.In order not to forget about the event, you can automate this process


In a comprehensive overview, it becomes evident that Assembly represents a formidable solution designed to usher in a new era of efficiency and collaboration for organizations. By consolidating essential functions within a singular platform, Assembly emerges as a pivotal tool in simplifying operations, benefiting both management and employees.

With Assembly, the realization of enhanced efficiency and productivity becomes a reality. The platform acts as a centralized repository for vital functions, streamlining and automating processes that would otherwise demand substantial time and effort. This simplification is a boon for management and employees alike, freeing up valuable time to focus on more strategic endeavors.

Crucially, Assembly's functionality transcends mere convenience, as it facilitates the cultivation of a highly motivated team of employees. Through its mechanisms for recognition, reward, and communication, Assembly fosters a culture of engagement and unity. A motivated team is more than just a resource; it becomes a driving force that propels the organization toward its objectives.

The platform's capacity to gather and analyze data, its engagement features, and the tools it provides for communication and knowledge management all contribute to a more harmonious and productive work environment. Managers find themselves better equipped to lead, inspire, and make data-driven decisions. Employees benefit from an integrated, user-friendly interface saves time and encourages participation and collaboration.

Ultimately, Assembly becomes the cornerstone for assembling a team united in purpose and motivated for success. The platform reshapes workplace dynamics, creating an environment where achieving goals becomes more than just a possibility—it becomes an achievable reality. In embracing Assembly, organizations position themselves at the forefront of progress, equipped to leverage the full potential of their workforce.

Assembly serves as an automated, all-encompassing center for communication, cooperation, and interaction, aiding organizations in promoting interaction, discovering purpose, and staying well-informed

The pricing plans in Assembly consist of Starter (free for small teams), Lite ($3.50 per member per month with email support), Standard ($4.50 per participant monthly with full functionality and expert aid), and Premium (individually discussed price for large enterprises with unlimited features and a personalized approach).

Celebrating achievements lays the foundation for a culture of acknowledgment and appreciation, promoting transparency and showcasing the value placed on employees' contributions. 

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