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Easy to use and reliable interface
Great for creating your own affiliate program
Suitable for bloggers who want to sell premium content
Supports dozens of currencies for global sales
Flexible payment and subscription models available

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SendOwl offers a simple buy button that you can add to the code of your existing web pages so you can start selling right away. SendOwl integrates with various Websites, although you cannot create your own site with this solution. It helps me a lot in my work

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I began looking for a good and simple version to sell online without the headache several years ago.
For the European market, Sendowl is ideal. For physical items and downloads, GDPR compliance and ease of use are key.
You can if you utilize it in conjunction with membership platforms like membermouse.

Support is prompt and courteous. :)

I'm not sure what the other reviews are about. Maybe it wasn't used appropriately.
So far, I can only give 5 stars.

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Simple and powerful solution for fast sales and efficient scaling SendOwl is a versatile platform that has everything you need for successful e-commerce, from selling, shipping, marketing to analytics.



  • Selling - sell whatever you want and make money while you sleep.

  • Shipping - choose how, where, when and to whom you sell. With the SendOwl solution, they will be delivered quickly and securely, regardless of format or number of orders.

  • Marketing automation - automate your marketing workflows with helpful tools that help you drive sales.

  • Customisation - create your own purchase form templates, fields to fill and buttons to provide the user with a direct experience with your brand.

  • Security - Protect your intellectual property and customer data with advanced security controls and add-ons.

  • Analytics - increase profitability and optimise your sales process with valuable data.

  • Management - focus on sales and the solution will take care of relevant administrative and legal requirements.



  • Free trial period of 30 days - no credit card required.

  • Standard rate - $15/month - 3GB space, 30 products, affiliates, customisation.

  • Premium Rate - $24/month - 100 products, 5 GB of space, affiliates, catomization, 1 subscription, video broadcast, shop increments, shopping cart subscriptions.

  • Business Rate - $39/month - 250 products, 15 GB of space, affiliates, customization, 3 subscriptions, shopping spree, video broadcasts, ability to have multiple users. 

  • Basic rate - $9/month - 10 products, 1 GB of space, limited catomization.