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The Course Builder is very easy to use, but it is limited in its ability to incorporate multiple content elements into one lesson. For example, you cannot include a video clip and a PDF file in the same lesson. Accordingly, you can't put the questionnaire and the video in the same lesson.

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Podia is an online course platform that requires no technical skills. If you've ever wanted to sell your course or membership for extra income, Podia can do it all!

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My self-hosted Wordpress membership site was no longer stressful thanks to Podia. Trying to create a custom site on a shoestring budget was a nightmare for me. I have no trouble managing my own website, but the technology stack for a membership and course site gave me a lot of grief. I was using all of my free time on technology rather than supporting my people. I persevered for six months before giving up when I came upon Podia.

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From Podia to commercial success: The most convenient tool for selling digital goods

In the era of the digital revolution, the creation, monetization and distribution of digital products are more relevant than ever. In this context, the Podia service takes its place of honor as an innovative platform designed exclusively for this purpose. Supported by cutting-edge technology and providing a complete set of tools, Podia facilitates the process of creating, managing and promoting your digital products.

User- friendly interface

Podia.com is designed with simplicity in mind. Its user interface is clean, intuitive, and uncluttered. Upon logging in, users are greeted with a straightforward dashboard that presents essential information in a concise manner. The platform offers an unpretentious and user-friendly approach to managing digital products.


Podia.com excels in offering a comprehensive set of features to manage digital products with ease. Users can create products, set prices, and describe their offerings effortlessly. The platform's streamlined design ensures that you can start selling your products quickly. It prioritizes efficiency, making it an attractive choice for both beginners and seasoned digital product sellers.

Checkout page optimization

Podia.com recognizes the importance of optimizing the checkout experience. The platform's checkout pages are customizable and mobile-responsive. This focus on user experience ensures that customers have a smooth and seamless purchasing process.

A/B testing

While the platform covers various aspects of digital product selling, it doesn't currently provide A/B testing functionality for checkout pages. This is an area where the platform could potentially enhance its features to further assist users in optimizing their sales funnels.

One-click upsells and order

Bumps Podia.com supports one-click upsells and order bumps. These features can help increase the average transaction value by offering complementary products or upgrades during the checkout process, contributing to a more significant revenue stream.

Subscription management

Podia.com's subscription management capabilities are comprehensive, making it an appealing choice for those looking to monetize their digital content through recurring payments. The platform supports various subscription models, including trial periods and custom plans. This flexibility aligns with the evolving subscription-based models that are gaining popularity.


Podia.com provides users with the ability to connect with various third-party applications to enhance their digital commerce ecosystem. While it doesn't boast as extensive an integration library as some other platforms, it covers essential areas such as email marketing, analytics, and payment gateways. This ensures that users can build a tech stack that caters to their specific needs.


Podia.com offers substantial customization options for those who want to create a branded and tailored digital product storefront. Users can customize the appearance of their site with their branding elements, making it a seamless extension of their online presence. Additionally, the platform enables users to build fully responsive websites that look and function well on a variety of devices.


Podia.com offers three pricing plans, catering to different levels of users and their requirements. Here is a more general description of the pricing structure:

  • Free: The Free plan, as the name suggests, doesn't cost anything on a monthly basis. However, it charges an 8% transaction fee. Users on this plan receive a full website, access to the Podia community, the ability to sell one product, and can create draft courses, webinars, and coaching products. Optional add-ons include email and team access.

  • Mover: The Mover plan is priced at $39 per month, with no transaction fees. It includes all the features of the Free plan and offers unlimited downloads, coaching products, courses, and draft webinars. Similar to the Free plan, optional add-ons are available for email and team access.

  • Shaker: The Shaker plan is priced at $89 per month, with no transaction fees. It encompasses all the features of the Mover plan and further allows users to host unlimited webinars. As with the other plans, optional add-ons are available for email and team access.

The pricing structure of Podia.com is transparent, and users have the flexibility to choose a plan that aligns with their business goals and needs. The absence of transaction fees in the Mover and Shaker plans is a significant advantage for businesses looking to scale.

Launch plan

Podia.com offers a range of features and tools that support product launches. These include the ability to set up pre-launch promotions, create product bundles, and leverage email marketing for audience engagement. Furthermore, users can access affiliate management features and detailed analytics to monitor launch performance.

Customer support

Customer support is a vital aspect of any digital product-selling platform, and Podia.com provides several support channels and resources to assist its users:

Additionally, the platform offers a comprehensive knowledge base with articles and guides covering a wide array of topics, from getting started to advanced features.

Email support

Users can reach out for email support, ensuring that issues are addressed in a timely manner.

Community forum

Podia.com maintains an active community forum where users can seek help, share experiences, and collaborate with peers. This resource serves as a valuable hub for peer-to-peer support and knowledge sharing.

Live chat

While Podia.com does not currently provide live chat support, the combination of other support channels ensures that users can find the help they need.

Webinars and demos

The platform periodically hosts webinars and product demos to help users gain a deeper understanding of its features and how to use them effectively.

Bottom line

Podia is a versatile tool for anyone looking to monetize their knowledge, creativity or products, and improve audience engagement.

Podia is not just a platform for selling digital products. It is your loyal companion on the journey of creating, monetizing and sharing your unique content. Let Podia help you bring your creative and educational ideas to life. Create, grow and succeed with Podia.