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It's simple to use and understand. Excellent for teams and obtaining quick results/opinions from all members.

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Simpoll is a service that allows you to create surveys of any complexity:


  • Questionnaire - a form of questions.

  • Voting - a question with variants of answers.

  • Testing - several questions, with a correctness check.


Simpoll has a simple interface and extensive functions.


  • The survey designer.

  • Adding questions by drag and drop.

  • Adding a survey to your site.

  • Sending a (customizable) link by email and social networks.

  • Export to Excel.

  • Select the color of each item.

  • Filters for reporting.

  • Checking the correctness of the answers.

  • Real-time results.

  • Branding your surveys.

  • Branching.

  • Storage under files.

  • Collaboration.

  • Limit the duration of the survey.

  • Protect your survey from repeat participation.

  • Multiple language support.

  • Generate a PDF of your questionnaire.

  • Customizable reports.