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So, I'm new to this and have lately started working as a freelance web designer for a private project, and boom!!! On my website, I require some web forms. It was easy to decide that WPForms was the way to go. Yes, I'm new and have a lot to learn, but if you need forms, this is the way to go. It's simple but professional-looking, and it's straight forward, but it appears like you're a coding master. When you have an issue, there is help and counseling available.

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Create online forms in minutes, not hours


Creating forms in WordPress can be difficult. WPForms makes it easy.

Our simple drag-and-drop WordPress form builder lets you create contact forms, online surveys, donation forms, order forms, and other WordPress forms in just minutes without writing any code.


Intelligent workflows that simplify the creation of complex forms

While our WordPress form builder is very easy to use, we've created smart workflows to save you even more time.

 WPForms comes with pre-built WordPress form templates that you can easily customize, so you never have to start from scratch if you don't want to.


All the fields and features you need to succeed

From toggles to file uploads to multi-page forms, we've got all the fields you need.

 Easily integrate your WordPress forms with your email marketing service or collect payments for reservations and orders. WPForms lets you do it all.


Easily customize and adapt to your needs

Fully customize your WordPress forms with section dividers, HTML blocks, and customizable CSS.

 WPForms also comes with many interceptors and filters, allowing developers to expand and create their own features.