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Convenient easy to understand, a lot of different calculators, suitable for inexperienced

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For about half a year I am trying to calculate the most optimal staircase in a wooden house. The staircase will be with a turn of 90 degrees, but with a step height greater than the generally accepted by 2 cm. The most important thing for everyone to understand that the staircase to calculate the generally accepted formula is good, but not a panacea. The main thing to competently calculate the width of the step on the stairs that it was acceptable. Climbing will be comfortable even if the height and angle of incline will be different from the general rules.
Literally calculates different variants of stairs. Very informative and understandable. Fitting the stairs to the dimensions is simple and straightforward. Monthly payment is enough to calculate the project more than once. Without paying, tried different options for calculating and settled on one of many.

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Convenient easy to understand, a lot of different calculators, suitable for inexperienced

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KALK.PRO is a modern interactive construction calculator developer that automates and simplifies common calculations.


We try to take into account the provisions of building codes and regulations in all tools, and algorithms are tested in the field by professional builders. We make every effort to ensure that the structures are strong, dependable, and safe!


 The goal of the KALK.PRO project is to collect all relevant information and to give tools to assist and automate computations by creating calculators, drawings, and 3D models. We want private building to be available to everyone so that it is not a barrier to most families realizing their aspirations.


According to the criteria selected by the user, house construction calculators provide detailed information on the features of the erected structures and their components. We are attempting to make all of the data in our database in conformity with the regulations of local legislation and reference data of material producers, so that you can obtain the most reliable information, including:


  • calculation of materials for the construction of the house and their cost;

  • bearing capacity and allowable loads of load-bearing structures;

  • useful recommendations for a more comfortable arrangement of the elements;

  • detailed detailed drawings of buildings in various projections;

  • interactive 3D model with the possibility of interaction and measurements.