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We needed a simple, user-friendly service that would provide us with quick answers on how to allocate the funds. It became a reality thanks to OWOX BI. We have a large number of pre-built report templates, and we can visualize data from Google Sheets, Data Studio, or any other application. We may tweak the reports as needed and make adjustments quickly.

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For years, OWOX has been assisting us in achieving our objectives and growing faster than the market.

I appreciate OWOX B I because it can combine the essential data regarding ad spending, user sessions, and CRM data automatically. It allows you to keep track of all the crucial metrics and to use more parameters. In essence, you set the data export and combine it to meet your requirements.

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Make Google Analytics more powerful with data on spend, clicks and impressions from all your advertising platforms.


Automatically upload campaign performance data from over 500 marketing and advertising platforms to Google Analytics. Start your trial now!


Data from all your platforms

OWOX BI integrates with most popular marketing platforms. 


Get full control over your data

With OWOX, you're in command. You can easily set your own metrics and parameter rules and choose which data is sent to which Google Analytics resource.


Always up-to-date data

OWOX BI will automatically update the data in Google Analytics if it changes in the advertising service within 21 days.


Evaluate performance across multiple channels
Uploading data to Google Analytics gives you a complete overview of your digital marketing performance. This means you can understand which efforts are producing the best results and where to invest.