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Денис Ракитин

Денис Ракитин on Advanced Web Ranking

Были небольшие проблемы с установкой, но работа порадовала, пока твердая 4!
Денис Ракитин

Денис Ракитин on AntRanks

Сервис работает на 5/5, реально круто!
Инга Зинченко

Инга Зинченко on Advanced Web Ranking

Пока тестирую, но плохого ничего сказать не могу
Максим Гомоль

Максим Гомоль on AntRanks

Сервис отличный, проблем никогда с ним не было
Инга Зинченко

Инга Зинченко on Rush-Analytics

Пользуюсь сервисом уже 4й год. В основном для кластеризации и сбора семантики проекты. Радует скорость сбора. Ядро для мелкого сайта собираю за 30 мин...
Катерина Александрова

Катерина Александрова on Rush-Analytics

Проверяю позиции в Rush Analytics. Данные собирает быстро и точно. Радуют удобные графики и сравнение конкурентов. Это помогло мне подобрать нужную ст...

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an encryption technology that creates an encrypted connection between a web server (Apache, IIS, Nginx) and a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), allowing the transmission of personal information without eavesdropping, data tampering or message tampering.


SSL essentially protects credit card numbers and other information from malicious third parties, such as criminal hackers and third-party service providers (ISPs). It also protects your site from malware and prevents other users from injecting ads into your resources. An SSL certificate is recommended for every website to protect user privacy and prevent hacking.


To enable SSL on your website, you must obtain an SSL certificate and install it on your web server.

To obtain an SSL certificate, you need to verify the identity of your organization (or domain control) with a certificate provider, usually known as a certificate authority. Certification authorities must keep detailed records of what has been issued and the information used to issue it, and are regularly checked to make sure that they follow certain procedures.


Each certification center has different products, prices, features and levels of customer satisfaction. When choosing a certification center, the following should be compared first:


Product capabilities. Does the certification center provide a certificate with the necessary features?

Support - does the certificate authority offer quality customer support when you need it?

Price - is the certificate in your price range?


Learn more about choosing a certificate provider or read our SSL certificate reviews to find the best provider to buy from.

To get started with SSL, simply follow these steps:


Determine what features you need. Will customers trust you more with an OV or EV certificate? Do you need to protect multiple names with a UC or bulk certificate?

Determine your budget. Certificates range from $0 to thousands of dollars.

Evaluate vendors. Read testimonials from real customers about our certificate providers. This will give you a better idea of what to expect from the company.

buy and install the certificate. After you purchase a certificate, you need to install it on your web server. A provider with excellent customer support can be very helpful if there are any problems.

Buyer's guide to selecting a service for predictive analytics


What is a help for prescient investigation? 


(Prescient) investigation is utilized to examine current information and chronicled realities to all the more likely get clients, items and accomplices. It is additionally used to distinguish possible dangers and openings. Prescient investigation stages will in general be exceptionally complicated items and require prescient abilities to utilize them viably. 


In the possession of experienced information experts and information researchers, prescient investigation can be a very amazing asset. It can, for instance, work out a client's lifetime an incentive for a given client; gauge deals figures for the following quarter; or anticipate which online client is probably going to purchase straightaway. 


The significance of good information 


The establishment of good prescient outcomes is acceptable information. For instance, to make expectations regarding what customers are probably going to purchase later on, you need to have point by point information concerning what they have purchased before, traits of items bought, and so on.


Given sufficient great information is accessible, prescient models are made utilizing methods, for example, relapse testing, choice trees, or different procedures to gauge the level of relationship between's factors to assist with foreseeing future conduct. 


Prescient Analytics versus Business Intelligence. 


Prescient examination devices are firmly identified with business knowledge and are once in a while thought about piece of the BA universe. The distinction between business investigation and prescient examination is that BA is generally viewed as visual, i.e., seeing what has occurred before. Prescient examination is tied in with discovering stowed away examples in information utilizing complex numerical models to anticipate future results. 


The approach of enormous information stages, for example, Hadoop and exceptionally quick memory-based investigation items has prompted some obscuring of the lines between large information and prescient examination. 




Two or three notable existing items own the overwhelming majority of the market and these apparatuses will in general be significantly more costly than new items with considerably less portion of the overall industry. One of the main items in this class costs more than $5,000 per client. More up to date yet lesser-realized items will in general cost considerably less than the market chiefs. 


The free, open-source R programming language has in excess of 3,000 local area created insightful applications, however can be hard to utilize in light of the fact that it is code-based and comes up short on a visual work area with simplified abilities.