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I was comparing with other services for this kind of functionality. I chose Envybox. What won me over? Ease of setting up widgets, quick and clear technical support. There were some problems with the code and widgets on the website did not appear correctly. Within an hour they sent me the code with the corrections and offered to help me make these changes.

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Envybox is a multi-service to increase sales by minimizing costs.




  • Callback is a tool designed to connect a website visitor with the company. Features: customer recognition, utm tag voicing, integration with analytics, geofilters, integration with CRM system, linking to forms, integration with Telegram, city definition, customer information, button setting.

  • Online Chat is a widget that helps you communicate with customers in real time. Displays as a small rectangular panel on the site with a call to write a message to the chat, ask a question. Features: live auto-invitations, widget loading settings, applications for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows, emoticons, autoresponders.

  • EnvyCRM is a system for the automation of the sales department. Features: automatic task upload, time at the client by his time zone, quick date and time entry, button management of the deal.

  • Customer Generator - this is a pop-up widget with a promotion and timer that generates leads and calls from the site, by attracting attention.

  • Attention Grabber - This widget looks like a social media alert window, giving the impression that a live person is writing to the visitor.

  • Herd Instinct - this widget creates a queue effect, is a pop-up window, which displays pre-prepared texts that other visitors to the site right at this moment bought a product, place an order.

  • Multi-Button is a widget that combines several actions simultaneously: call, chat, generator, you can also add links and third-party widgets.

  • Quizzes and Quiz Landing. Quizzes are a tool in the form of a test, quiz or survey. A quiz landing is a one-page site with a survey, at the end of which the visitor leaves contact information.

  • Form personalizer - a special add-on for the site, which automatically fills in the name, phone number and e-mail of those visitors, which our system recognizes.