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Very great product! the recovery tool fixed my computer

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On their website, it reads 'For Enterprise & Team' and has a prominent red remark that says 'without limitation for life-time.' However, you are limited to only 5 activations. When we brought this up with the vendor, they told us that you can only reset it once, therefore the maximum usage is ten. I would strongly advise against using this stuff. 2CO also did not reply well when I requested a full refund.

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I especially like this one - Rene.E Laboratory. I mean, it's not a fly-by-night place, it has a whole laboratory of advanced specialists who know what you need to be happy.

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Service capabilities


Rene.E Laboratory Ltd. is a leading software provider with an ever-growing professional and experienced development and technical support team.


Data backup, data recovery, PDF conversion/editing, commercial encryption, etc. The service will reduce your losses, protect your data and help you manage your computer better. Currently, reneelab has accumulated more than 500,000 paid users covering more than 160 countries and regions around the world in recent years.


Its main goal is to create useful tools to give you the best customer service and software.