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The Calccreatorr is simple, there is nothing special about it. The designer is not difficult, but you have to sit down and figure out how it works. On the positive side, the calculator can be used for free and forever. So you can use it for simple calculations, but if you have a large website, it's better to pay for something more solid.

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I want to express my gratitude to the project and its manager. I didn't understand it at first, so I contacted the developers directly. Not only did they help me get my perfect calculator, but they tolerated me for almost an hour. Thanks a lot to this service, everyone use it!)

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Good, reliable calculator.

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CalcCreator: the user visually assembles the required calculator, writes the necessary formula for calculation, if necessary, adds visual effects and the output is a finished form for calculating, for example, the cost of construction services.


It's cheaper with us

To order the creation of an online calculator for calculating the cost costs a lot of money. Not everyone can afford it. As a result, you lose customers! Now calculators are available for all businesses.


It's faster with us

Creating a regular calculator takes time. To change or improve it, you will need to contact a specialist again. We have solved these problems. With our service you spend minimum time and get the result at once.


It's more convenient with us

Our service allows you to create calculators of any complexity and adapt them just for your business and your target audience. Using the "Subscription Form" option you collect maximum information about your client. Appreciate the ample opportunities in the choice of styles and design!