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Melissa Clarks

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When the base exceeded 4 addresses offered to change the tariff. And new addresses were not added to the base. After the request to the operator to he...

The fundamental differences are:

- Lower cost of SMS messages;

- Higher speed of sending SMS-mailing;

- Possibility to substitute almost any signature in the "From" field;

- Ability to send messages when integrating with a website or information system;

- Possibilities to have detailed statistics, perform group mailings, program mailings, etc.

You don't need to know HTML. The basic set of elements in the system is enough to create a beautiful letter without much effort. If you want an advanced and unique letter design, then knowledge of HTML will be useful for you.

SMS-mailing is carried out to the numbers of subscribers of all operators in Russia and the CIS.

In order for the recipient to be able to reply to the SMS message, you can:

- specify contact details in the body of the SMS-message;

- indicate in the field "From whom" the address of your site or the name of your company.

The throughput is over 1000 SMS per second. An increase is possible on request. Technically, the capacity allows us to urgently and efficiently service any flow of messages, due to the fact that traffic is distributed to many SMS centers.

To carry out any advertising SMS distribution, the subscriber's consent to receive advertising information is required. The preferred option is a paper questionnaire completed by the subscriber. The questionnaire must contain the required attributes:

- data of the person giving his consent to the newsletter, allowing him to uniquely identify him (full name, phone number, preferably passport data);

- the name of the company on behalf of which the mailing will be carried out;

- the wording about the subscriber's consent to receive advertising information (it is necessary to provide a place under the tick so that the subscriber can express explicit consent with the paragraph).

Forms that do not contain this information are not a documentary confirmation of the subscriber's consent to receive advertising mailings. Companies that send mailing without the consent of the subscriber or on the basis of incorrectly filled out questionnaires can be fined by the FAS authorities in the amount of up to 500,000 rubles for illegal mailing.

Important! Consent to the rules of the web resource during registration is not a documentary confirmation of consent to receive the newsletter, if they do not contain the information specified in the requirements for the questionnaire. It is necessary to store the questionnaire for a year from the date of the mailing.

The ability to send SMS will be suspended if:

- if you or your sub-partners send spam;

- if you or your sub-partners send SMS messages that do not comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation / Ukraine with their content, signature or delivery time;

- You have not paid for the sent SMS-messages.

Some systems provide such functionality in the user's personal account.

Not all systems can provide this functionality. We recommend contacting those. support services with this issue before ordering services.

WAP-push - это специальная технология, которая позволяет отправлять в теле SMS ссылку на WAP сайт или контент для скачивания.

WAP-push is a special technology that allows you to send a link to

Buyers guide to choosing a platform for SMS-mailings


SMS Mailing is a powerful, flexible, simple, fast and economical type of direct marketing and communication that delivers short messages to a significant number of contacts.


The SMS Mailing is a simple solution to send information (in the form of message – SMS or text messages) to a set of recipients directly on their mobilethe sms mailing, 

The shortest way to send sms from  pc.


The SMS mailing represents real advantages for professionals and companies in order to send in an efficient and instantaneous way, to their base of numbers (file of customers or prospects), promotions, alerts or information messages. The benefits of SMS marketing compared to traditional emails or to a mail sent are also numerous (except the fact that it is cheaper!): Maximum deliverability thanks to the absence of spam, message more efficient and more memorized, reading your Text message by its almost assured recipient, etc.


Examples of messages for mailing SMS


Find some cases of direct marketing campaign applications and mailing SMS that you can integrate in a simple way in your communication:


the creation of advertising and promotional messages: You can use the SMS channel to communicate mass to your target while keeping a very personal side; So sending SMS allows you to tcommuniquer quickly, easily and efficiently your promotions, private sales, day events, etc. The efficiency of the SMS mailing to increase the traffic in point of sale and to retain your customers is widely approved.

sending commercial information messages to its customers: make multiple sending of professional SMS messages to broadcast greetings, birthdays, satisfaction surveys, etc. You will automatically animate your customer relationship by sending SMS via Internet!

SMS messages linked to the customer path: Keep in touch with your contact base and customers at each stage of their purchase and send them confirmation of order or reservation, notices of delivery or provision of the product in point of withdrawal, etc.

sending alert and appointment reminder: functionality now well adopted by the medical sectors and the service sector, sending alerts or appointment reminders by SMS on the desired date via our routing platform allows To inform in an emergency and in real time and has been largely proven!


Tips for choosing an SMS service provider


Cost of the service

One of the most important aspects of choosing an SMS service provider is the cost. By design, SMS technology is a cheap and easy way to send messages, which means bulk pricing needs to reflect this as well.


Providers, such as Clickatell, are open about the costs involved with securing an SMS service. When looking at different providers, be sure to ask as many questions about the pricing as possible. These should include knowledge on operation costs, bulk prices, and the price per SMS as well.


Delivery and bounce rate of messages

Bulk communication systems rely on the speed and the delivery of their messages. Depending on how many SMSes need to be sent, some services can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. During this time, it’s possible the messages will also bounce, or not be delivered to the recipient. This is not optimal, and shows a service that will waste your SMS marketing funds instead of correctly utilizing them.


Your SMS service provider should provide stats on how long their systems take, as well as how many messages are delivered.


Which regions do they deliver to?

Your SMS service provider shouldn’t limit service to just your home country. After all, there are plenty of business opportunities in different states and countries as well. The SMS service provider should have the ability to send SMSes to a range of countries. For example, Clickatell empowers businesses to interact and connect with their customers anywhere in the world - covering more than 240 countries, across over 1000 mobile networks.



A necessary feature of any content delivery system is the ability to display in-depth analytics on the service. Information, such as when messages are sent, how many failed, how many were opened, and how many customers replied to the message is all crucial information. These are all necessary metrics you will want to have in a bulk messaging system. This will allow you to plan and tailor your messages accordingly, such as knowing if a specific offer or announcement does better with your market.


Which APIs does the SMS service provider offer?

The application programming interfaces (APIs) are a set of tools and protocols that allow two systems to ‘talk’ to each other. This enables one system to utilize the features of another one, send information, or receive data. When looking for a bulk SMS service provider, they should have a full set of functional and well-documented APIs.


The company should also have full support for the APIs and the ability to integrate them into existing systems, even open source platforms. After all, it’s far easier to choose a bulk SMS service provider than it is to move your company onto a brand new CRM system just for that.




If you are interested in utilizing SMS technology for your business, have a look at our article on ‘Why your business, big or small, should be using bulk SMS’. It talks about message timing, short codes, and exclusivity for your clients and products.