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Big Marker has really helped me improve my business by providing so many features including polls, pre-loading slides and videos, branding, excellent support chat and ability to email attendees before and after a webinar. These are just a few of the things I love about Big Marker. It has an enterprise quality for a small business like mine.

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Big Marker makes it simple to host interactive online meetings. It's a terrific marketing tool because it has marketing automation tools built in, which reduces the need for several platforms. It's also quite user-friendly, which is always a plus. They're still one of the only platforms that allow you to add slides and calls to action in the middle of a meeting or webinar, which I appreciate.

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Features and benefits of the product


Webinars in real time
Webinars that can be customized for marketing, sales, and training.

By emphasizing your brand and cultivating more dedicated fans, cutting-edge webinar software may help you increase registrations, attendance, and engagement.


Hosting webinars with conversion optimization
From landing pages to battle-tested email chains and events without downloading live streams, everything is optimized to maximize your webinar participation in real-time.


Engage your audience with these effective tools.
With surveys, embedded quizzes and polls, handouts, Q&As, and pop-up offers, interactive tools enable you collect rich data and inspire action.


All major CRM and MAS systems are supported.
BigMarker integrates seamlessly with leading CRM, marketing, email, and training systems and can be set up in minutes.


Webinars and video marketing are two types of marketing that you might use.
With powerful marketing tools produced from your webinars and videos, you can grow your audience faster.

Your webinars and videos should be promoted, managed, and measured. Built-in marketing and analytics tools let you expand your content's reach, develop your brand, and quadruple the number of methods you may use.