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Network Solutions is a useful, stable website editor that is easy to understand

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Since 1997, I've used this firm for domain registration and hosting services. They aren't the cheapest, but they provide excellent customer service and technical assistance. I would strongly recommend them to small businesses in need of dependable web hosting.

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Network Solutions: Domain-centric hosting services

Network Solutions is a well-established platform primarily known for domain registration and management. While they do offer hosting services, their primary focus revolves around domain-related solutions. This review aims to explore Network Solutions' hosting features, performance, customer support, pricing, and overall suitability as a web hosting tool.


Network Solutions provides basic hosting services that typically include shared hosting options with features like limited disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts. Their hosting plans might be more limited compared to dedicated hosting providers, aiming to cater to users seeking simpler hosting solutions alongside domain services.


Network Solutions' hosting services usually offer moderate performance in terms of uptime and speed. Given their primary focus on domain services, their hosting infrastructure might not match the level of specialized hosting providers that concentrate solely on hosting infrastructure.

While Network Solutions may guarantee a certain level of uptime, their hosting performance might not be as robust as those of companies primarily focused on providing hosting services.

Customer support

Network Solutions typically provides customer support through tickets, email, and knowledge base resources. However, live chat or phone support might not be as readily available as with some dedicated hosting providers. Their support system aims to assist users with general queries, though direct and immediate assistance might be more limited compared to specialized hosting companies.


Network Solutions generally offers basic security measures, including free SSL certificates and periodic backups, to safeguard users' websites. However, their primary focus on domain services might limit the depth and breadth of security features compared to specialized hosting providers offering more comprehensive security protocols.


Network Solutions' pricing structure usually includes moderate rates across its hosting plans. Their shared hosting plans are typically priced at a moderate level, making them accessible to individuals and small businesses looking for simple hosting solutions bundled with domain registration.

Their transparent pricing model ensures users are aware of the costs involved without hidden charges. Network Solutions' hosting plans are often aimed at users seeking basic hosting functionalities alongside domain services.

Bottom line 

In conclusion, Network Solutions is a reputable domain registrar that also offers basic hosting services. Their hosting offerings, while suitable for users seeking simplified hosting options alongside domain registration, might not be as comprehensive or performance-focused as specialized hosting providers.

For users primarily interested in domain-related services and seeking straightforward hosting options bundled with domain registration, Network Solutions can serve as a convenient platform. However, those requiring advanced hosting features, higher performance, or more dedicated support might prefer specialized hosting providers that solely focus on hosting services.