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This service really helps in finding duplicates for photos or files that is really useful.

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Boost your PC's performance, identify and erase terabytes of duplicate data, and reorganize it with Sorcim's easy-to-use solutions.




  • Cloud Duplicate Finder enables you to quickly locate duplicate photographs, songs, documents, and other files stored in your cloud.

  • Clear your photo collection of duplicate and related images with PictureEcho. You can choose from four levels of similarity to tailor your scans.

  • Easy File Renamer - Rename files, images, and audio with ease. EFR can also be used to update song metadata.

  • Clone Files Checker - Organize your computer's files and eliminate repetitive repetitions.

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  • Booting with Security

  • Designed to assist you in quickly resolving PC issues.

  • Guaranteed money back

  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days