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Leo Moura

Leonardo Moura

Consultant, Head of Growth Marketing at Brazilian fintech Mycon. Startup Mentor at Founder Institute (Silicon Valley). Founder & Partner at KB.agency

Ugljesa Djuric

Ugljesa Djuric

Working with SaaS businesses, specialized in organic user acquisition through content marketing, relationships, content distribution, SEO and partnerships

Adeniyi Adegboye

Adeniyi Adegboye

Helped to grow the business through the development of a dedicated in-house SEO and Social media team as well as the introduction of a content-focused approach to online marketing strategies

Moses Sam Paul Johnraj

Moses Sam Paul Johnraj

Grown Heptagon from a 10 member team to 150 member company in 2.5 years

Aazar Ali Shad

Aazar Ali Shad

Helping 500+ SaaS companies improve user onboarding and increase product adoption

Efrain Corleto

Efrain Corleto

Digital marketing professor by 6 years. Master in Communication and marketing strategy

Satwik Govindarajula

Satwik Govindarajula

Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar

Dimple Ranpara

Dimple Ranpara

Juan Oliva

Juan Oliva

Head of Growth of one of the fastest-growing companies in Finland

Aaron Crewe

Aaron Crewe

15 years of digital marketing experience, founder of novi.digital



Digital-expert, Head of Growth


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Day 1 - Friday - December 13

Eastern Time (New York Time zone GMT-5)


9.45 am - 10.00 pm (ET)

How to get website visitors fast and convert them into customers

10.00 am - 10.40 am (ET)

Speaker: Ugljesa Djuric

  • How we're getting customers on lempod.com and lemtalk.com on the organic way (without SEO and Ads)

  • How to leverage the power of social media to drive traffic

  • Our secret tips for the better conversion rate

  • Using the human element on the website

  • There's something better than using illustrations on the websites

  • Best Pop-up examples and what can you learn from them

Google Shopping Ads Secrets to Get 10X ROI

10.40 am - 11.20 am (ET) 

Speaker: Sandeep Kumar

  • How you missing revenues on the table if not using Google Shopping ADs

  • How smart marketers are using Google Shopping Ads to get profitable clicks

  • How to organize Feed to get the right kind of traffic.

  • How to Utilise Promotion feeds effectively. 

  • How to scale shopping campaigns


11.20 am - 11.40 am (ET)

PR - The New Global Growth Marketing Strategy

11.40 am - 12.20 pm (ET)

Speaker: Dimple Ranpara

  • How to identify the 'Hero' messaging for your brand 

  • How Unicorns used PR in their zero to one stage

  • Measure what matters to drive your PR 

  • 5 PR tools that can set up your PR engine to scale

How to convert more users at free trial stage

12.20 pm - 1 pm (ET)

Speaker: Aazar Ali Shad

  • What is a “growth hacking”? and What's not?

  • What kind of conversion rates?

  • What is user onboarding?

  • Why it is SO important?

  • How to create a successful user onboarding?

  • User Onboarding Dos and Donts

  • Tools you need

  • Key takeaway  


1 pm - 1.20 pm (ET)

The Top 5 mistakes businesses make with SEO and PPC

1.20 pm - 2 pm (ET)

Speaker: Aaron Crewe

  • How to ensure that you don't waste money

  • How to run a profitable campaign

  • How to find your niche and grow it exponentially

  • Horror stories from the world of SEO and PPC

How to run rapid experiments for faster optimisation

2 pm - 2.40 pm (ET)

Speaker: Satwik Govindarajula

  • Introducing the Growth Experimentation Process

  • Going through each step of the experimentation process

  • Example: Running an experiment to optimise Facebook Ads performance within a week

  • How to manage your Experiments Pipeline

  • Next steps to scale your experiments tempo

Final word

2.40 pm - 3 pm (ET)

Day 2 - Saturday - December 14 

Eastern Time (New York Time zone GMT-5)


9.45 am - 10.00 pm (ET)

Loops & Strategy, how to unlock sustainable growth.

10.00 am - 10.40 am (ET)

Speaker: Juan Oliva

  • Understanding your current growth

  • Identify leverage

  • Loops

  • Strategy

  • Experimentation

  • Learn and growth

How you increase your sales with CRO hacks and lead scoring

10.40 am - 11.20 am (ET)

Speaker: Efrain Corleto

  • How become a CRO hacker

  • Tests  A/B, best practices

  • Lead tracking, profile or prospect?

  • How you increase your pipeline with some conversion hacks


11.20 am - 11.40 am (ET)

How to Write High-Converting Landing Pages Copy that Grab People's Attention and Drive Massive Growth

11.40 am - 12.20 pm (ET)

Speaker: Leonardo Moura

  • Get a Simple 4 Steps Framework to Writing your Best Performing Website Ever – in Hours, not Days.

  • 3 Mistakes You Are (Probably) Making on your Pages that are Making your Marketing Budget go Down the Drain.

  • The Ancestral Mental Triggers that Punch Competitors in The Face and Almost Force clients to Convert. Leonardo de Moura

  • A System that You Can Steal to Shape you Message and Turn any Page in a Scalable Sales Machine.

B2B SaaS Growth Framework

12.20 pm - 1 pm (ET)

Speaker: Moses Sam Paul Johnraj

  • Lean canvas

  • Buyer Personas

  • Buyer Stages

  • Content Buckets

  • Content Creation, Publishing, Distribution & Optimising framework

  • Growth Sheet


1 pm - 1.20 pm (ET)

Why Personalization Is Key to Improving Conversion Rate Optimization

1.20 pm - 2 pm (ET)

Speaker: Adeniyi Adegboye

  • What is CRO

  • Why Personalization can be a game-changer in CRO

  • Difference between A/B Testing and Personalization

  • How to get started with Personalization  -

  • Brief tutorial on how to use Google Optimizely for personalization.


2 pm - 2.40 pm (ET)

Speaker: Vladimir Khomichenko

Final word

2.40 pm - 3 pm (ET)


4.20 pm - 4.40 pm (ET)

gifts from speakers

A gift from Leo Moura - An Editable 4 Steps Framework Template to Fill Out and Plan Landing Pages

A gift from Sandeep Kumar - A free guide on Google shopping to optimize their stores

A gift from Moses Sam Paul Johnraj -  A free copy of the B2B SaaS growth framework - ebook (50 pages)

A gift from Ugljesa Djuric -  LinkedIn Book Final

A gift from Satwik Govindarajula - Seedstars Control Tower, a tool to manage Experiments and Growth

A gift from Efrain Corleto  Experiment Control Worksheet

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