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Были небольшие проблемы с установкой, но работа порадовала, пока твердая 4!
Денис Ракитин

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Сервис работает на 5/5, реально круто!
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Пока тестирую, но плохого ничего сказать не могу
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Сервис отличный, проблем никогда с ним не было
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Пользуюсь сервисом уже 4й год. В основном для кластеризации и сбора семантики проекты. Радует скорость сбора. Ядро для мелкого сайта собираю за 30 мин...
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Проверяю позиции в Rush Analytics. Данные собирает быстро и точно. Радуют удобные графики и сравнение конкурентов. Это помогло мне подобрать нужную ст...

Whichever one has enough money:)


In general, this can greatly depend on the definition of the problem, the number of users and the whims of the customer, so that there is no single answer.

Post-relational databases are often called multidimensional databases.


Data in multidimensional databases are represented as sparse multidimensional arrays rather than flat tables as in relational databases. For certain tasks, multidimensional databases can give a significant performance advantage over relational databases.

The application server can be used for many purposes.


Typically, the application server is located on a separate machine. It can be used to take over the entire functionality of the program, leaving only the interface part to the client. This relieves the client and the database server from the computation.


Also, if you have a large number of users, you can use several application servers to distribute the load.


And to speed up access to frequently used tables, they are usually cached on the application server.

In many cases, it is necessary to perform a group of operations to change data in such a way that the group has the property of atomicity (either all of them are executed or all of them are not executed).


Such a group of operations is called a transaction.


In SQL-servers there are operators that allow you to denote the beginning of a transaction (begin transaction), its successful completion (commit transaction), or rollback transaction (rollback transaction).

You can, almost in all modern SQL-servers. The only difference is the syntax of the function definition and call.


In addition, some servers allow you to use functions written in other languages (not SQL).

How to choose a service to work with the database?

Data set as a Service (DBaaS) is an interaction whereby application proprietors pay an outer supplier to run and keep a cloud data set for capacity, rather than when application proprietors deal with the data set themselves. Installments are made on a for each utilization premise, and application proprietors can get to their application information as they see fit. These information bases give similar usefulness as standard social or non-social data sets. 


DBaaS is valuable for organizations that are attempting to stay away from crafted by designing, keeping up with, and refreshing their own information bases. DBaaS is in the overall domain of Software as a Service (SaaS), like Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), where all items are facilitated as an assistance. Different sorts of data sets incorporate social data set apparatuses, NoSQL information base instruments, diagram data set devices, and the sky is the limit from there. Designers on a restricted spending plan can likewise exploit free data set programming. 


To fall into the Database-as-a-Service class, an item should: 

  • Be presented by a free stockpiling specialist organization 

  • The outer seller should run, support, direct, and be liable for the exhibition of the predefined data set. 

  • Application proprietors should have the option to get to the necessary information on request. 

  • These administrations should be presented on a for each utilization membership premise.