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A good site to check out. No unnecessary features. How to configure everything is intuitive. It is true that it only tracks the position in Google and Yandex, but it is enough for me. You can use it without worry. I recommend it.

Reply Share Was this review helpful? - in my opinion, the most convenient of all the services I have tried. Very simple and easy interface, no unnecessary functional that overloads the screen and prevents you from focusing on the most important thing - the positions of my sites. I recommend it to everyone!

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I really enjoyed to work with this tool, it solved a lot of tasks and made me be more efficient at work

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Ability to download reports


Referral program


Referral system conditions

10% of each payment



Welcome to, the website positioning service's development team.


To begin, here are some facts.

It's no secret that search engines (SV) are the most effective means of obtaining free, focused traffic.

It is the fraction of total traffic that is accounted for by search engines, which accounts for 80% of total traffic.


No one would be able to reach your site as quickly without them.


As a result, it's critical to have up-to-date information on your website's search engine rankings and to track changes over time, which we can do effectively. Our job include determining search engine rankings.


Features of the service in brief


When you add a site to the system, you must choose which PS (Yandex, Google) and how often you want to verify its ranking.


For each PS, the domain zone (ru, ua, by, kz) and search region are listed separately.


The most recent data obtained during the latest check is displayed on the page "Positions." In addition, you can observe how many spots have changed since the last check. The statistics from Yandex were also used to determine the query's relevance. Wordstat is displayed.


There is also a customizable manual check system: you can only verify the queries that are required. Queries can be split into groups and checked in groups for convenience.


Each query's history of position modifications can be seen separately at any time.


The graph shows the dynamics of positions more clearly.