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Technical support is always in touch. Each paid account is assigned a personal consultant who will help in chat or in skype. Talented, intelligent and responsive guys. Have been able to solve a lot of questions on projects. No questions they haven't answered.

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The service is very functional, it has a comprehensive set of tools for the collection of semantic core, and not only. The guys are constantly updating the service, adding new features. Frankly speaking, I do not know any other services with exactly the same functionality. There's a competitor analysis module, all regions and world languages are available, text analysis. Rush Analytics has everything you need to work with semantics and collect analytics on it. Thank you!

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Lots of tools for gathering semantics, from wordstat to cues. Often add new tools, responsive support.

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Ability to download reports


Referral program


Internet marketing tools:

  • position check

  • local monitoring of positions

  • data visualization

  • snippet monitoring


Indexation Checker

  • allows you to check indexation of 100,000 pages in 10 minutes

  • all pages on your site are indexed, even if they are 500,000

  • only fresh data in real time



  • clustering based on your location

  • unique data collection algorithm

  • site structure creation


Wordstat collection

  • selecting keywords and frequencies

  • high parsing speed

  • automatic cleaning of keywords from trash


Collecting search cues

  • cues are great source of keywords

  • fresh keywords

  • expanding the semantic core of the site


Text analyzer

  • high accuracy

  • we analyze not only text

  • check pages for overspam in the text


Search Webarchives

  • thousands of domains

  • flexible settings

  • content drop


Mass Whois check

  • any domain zones

  • high parsing speed

  • high accuracy

  • link options

  • unlimited domains

  • accuracy

  • speed


Meta Scanner

  • monitoring of changes on the site on different parameters

  • flexible parsing settings

  • change notifications