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Мария Сокуренко

Мария Сокуренко on SERPwatcher

Пока лучшее решение для моих задач. Однако я бы хотела, чтобы интерфейс был более современным. С нетерпением жду обновления!
Андрей Данилюк

Андрей Данилюк on Advanced Web Ranking

Я думаю, что интерфейс отличный, это один из самых простых инструментов отслеживания ключевых слов с точки зрения удобства использования, варианты отч...
Андрей Данилюк

Андрей Данилюк on Spyserp

Все гуд, вот только если бы добавили еще несколько мелочей… вот только добавили бы еще пару фишек. К примеру, объем трафика по ключевикам или возможно...
Анна Андреева

Анна Андреева on Serpstat

Перешла с другого сервиса полгода назад и не пожалела. Использую его для расширения семантики и анализа конкурентов, у них хорошая база данных ключеви...
Анна Андреева

Анна Андреева on SEMrush

Сервис работает лучше с нерусскими бружтрафами, в России слабоват.Да и дороговат. Если работаете с иностранными сервисами, то этот инструмент вам подо...
Кирилл Сокол

Кирилл Сокол on Seoplane

Добротный сайт для проверки. Никаких лишних функции. Как все настроить интуитивно понятно. Отлеживает позицию правда только в Google и Яндекс, но для ...

A daily check of a site's position in the search engine is a necessary component of successful promotion. With its help, you can solve the following tasks:

- make sure the site is indexed by major search engines;

- track any changes, for example, the exclusion of certain pages from the index;

- control how certain changes on the site affected the position in the search engine;

- if something has changed on the part of the search engine (for example, the ranking algorithm has been updated), monitoring will also - -  - help to keep abreast of changes in the position of the site.

To summarize, it is no exaggeration to call a regular check of site positions the main way of collecting statistics for further analysis of its development.


Keywords help users to find out that the portal contains information of interest to them. In this case, the main role is played by the keys that call for conversion action (buy, download, etc.). Use the most appropriate options depending on the orientation of the portal. To do this, it is worth removing the site's positions by keywords. This analysis will also help you navigate further actions.

It is easier to filter unnecessary ones and search for niche rivals in special services: Serpstat, Semrush, etc. We will make an analysis using the Serpstat service as an example. It is suitable for the CIS and the West, works on the bases of both Google and Yandex.

Let's scan the top 100 Google (or the top 50 Yandex, depending on which search engine you want to promote) and find sites that offer the same product. Then let's compare domains by parameters:

- the number of key phrases for which the site is searched;

- website visibility;

- site positions for key phrases.

    Site visibility is the percentage of site impressions in specified search engines for specified keywords. In other words, the visibility of a site in search engines shows what percentage of users entering a specific query in search will see the site.

    You will need to check the positions of the site in Yandex and google search using special services. If you are not engaged in promotion professionally, then resources with guest access are quite suitable for you, and many services have a set of free functions that you can use and receive all the necessary data.

    Buyer's guide for tracking site rankings

    Position Tracking (also called rank tracking or SERP tracking) lets you track a website’s daily rankings for a custom set of target keywords. You can set your targeting to watch any specific geographic location and any device type (mobile phone, tablet or desktop). The tool comes with tons of features like tagging, sorting, filtering and exporting reports that make it easy for marketers to find exactly what they’re looking for in their website’s SEO or PPC performance.


    - Ability to track any keyword and domain - even those not in main SEMrush database

    - Track and compare multiple geographic locations or device types in a single project

    - Featured Snippet report to look for featured snippet opportunities

    - Easy local SEO tracking and local competitor discovery

    - Simple PDF reporting to share results with colleagues and clients

    Why should you use Position Tracking?

    No matter what your SEO specialty is, you could do on-page SEO, write content, build links, or run technical audits, chances are you'll have to measure the impact of your work on the website's rankings. This is especially true if your website operates in a local space since Google's results can change heavily depending on the geolocation.

    Plus, as the world of mobile search only continues to grow, you're likely seeing a lot of potential traffic coming from mobile users. In order to know where your website stands on mobile and local results, Position Tracking is a must.

    As you conduct your campaign, you can use Position Tracking to see how your efforts translate into ranking changes and learn which pages get the most traffic from your target keywords. You’ll be able to identify your weakest pages that need improvement and monitor your competitor’s rankings all from the same place.

    To help you keep up with SERP Features in your niche, Position Tracking will identify all of the unique SERP Features found on the SERPs for your keywords. We also offer a report that shows your website’s opportunities to go after Featured Snippets. 

    The daily updates and weekly email reports will make it easy for you to prioritize work as you try to reach your goals in a timely fashion. If you serve clients, SEMrush makes it easy to generate data exports and clean PDFs to report your progress directly to clients.