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The customer service representative was polite, knowledgeable and helpful. She immediately identified the problem and suggested ways to fix it. Then tested the fix and showed the solution. Thank you

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My experience with Elegant Themes has been quite positive, and I would definitely recommend this service.

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I'm really pleased with their items, but I'm astounded by their prompt and efficient help! Thank you for coming through for me on multiple occasions when I needed help on short notice during the last few years.
My strongest endorsements!

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The greatest WordPress page builder and the most popular WordPress theme in the world


Our main theme and visual page builder is Divi. It is the most commonly used premium WordPress theme in the world, according to BuiltWith.com data. Divi is a website builder framework that allows you to construct stunning websites without touching a single line of code or setting hundreds of unrelated plugins. We believe this is the WYSIWYG of the future, and it's unlike any other WordPress theme you've ever seen.


Visually create pages.


You've never done something like this with WordPress before. Divi is a revolutionary new website development tool that replaces the regular WordPress post editor with a far superior visual editor. It is suitable for both design pros and beginners, allowing you to create stunning designs with incredible simplicity and efficiency.


WordPress's most powerful design tool


Take use of the greatest web design editor. Divi is a web-based version of Photoshop or Sketch. It gives WordPress a sophisticated design interface that both novices and professionals can enjoy. It's very intelligent, adaptable, powerful, and visually appealing. This is the way web design should be done.


Personalize every aspect of your website. Control even the tiniest aspects.


Divi allows you to customize every aspect of your website. You have total control over creating the ideal website for yourself or your clients. Colors, fonts, and text styles may all be changed with ease. Use eye-catching animations. Apply sophisticated filters and effects while transforming components on the go. Control the size and spacing. Text shadows and block shadows should be included. Using gradients, pictures, and video, create unique backdrop effects. The list goes on and on!


Lead generation, split testing, and social media integration


Take use of the Elegant Themes portfolio of plugins, which includes Bloom and Monarch, the greatest solutions for generating leads and growing your online social network presence. Split-test your visitors with Divi's built-in Divi Leads split-testing tool.