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This time management program allows me to keep track of my time when working on projects, websites, and other applications. It also offers automated reminders that tell me when I'm supposed to be working.

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Yaware.TimeTracker is a service that can increase employees' efficiency in the first weeks of use. In addition, a manager can monitor the results of his work from his cell phone. The system is designed with maximum focus on managers: the service offers to carry out different kinds of analyses of work performed and to rate personnel, to record and control employees who waste their time, to maintain discipline and to evaluate the effectiveness of the company as a whole.


Thanks to the capabilities of Yaware you will be able to control:


  • Employee attendance.

  • Total percentage of time worked and hours worked in excess of the norm.

  • Launching programs and websites used by the employee.

  • Creation of screenshots and webcams.

  • Working time not at a PC (meetings, negotiations, etc.).


In addition, the service monitors the use of any resources, generates reports at any time, can perform comparative analysis, and help control an employee's time. Naturally, Yaware.Online is in demand among large companies (logistics, publishing houses, IT, retail chains), but small also often use such systems.