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Any company that does not use Time Doctor to track their employees' hours is missing out on a wealth of beneficial tools and features. It features all the parameters that can help measure hours, screen activity, and even mouse clicks from the perspective of an admin (non-member). The dashboard and time report are color-coded to make it easy to see edited hours and the platform the hours were recorded on.

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Time Doctor is a time tracking program aimed at productivity and management of daily tasks.


It is suitable for professionals who want to improve personal time management in project management and increase productivity. It is a useful tool for teams, helping to highlight the work of each employee and track - how time was spent. The web service is able to eradicate habits of getting into websites, applications and programs that distract from the work process.


Time Doctor not only tracks staff work, but also provides a breakdown of how much time is spent on certain projects (or clients). The app is set up for real-time time tracking, as opposed to the usual "guessing" of the number of hours devoted to a task. Time tracking - real-time data is displayed to the nearest second, so you can find clients or employees who are cutting off too much time in a short period of time.


What features does the service offer?


  • Working time control - timer.

  • Tools for distraction alerts.

  • Monitoring of websites and applications.

  • 23 integrations: Bitrix24, Asana, Basecamp, Google Docs, JIRA, ZenDesk, Trello, Slack, Teamwork, etc.

  • Taking screenshots to monitor employees' work.

  • Reports on time spent (on programs, sites, tasks, and other areas).

  • Payroll calculation, Paypal and Payoneer.

  • API for joint work with other services.

  • Differentiation of access rights with different roles.

  • Account statuses.

  • Managing reminders and popups.

  • Increased security.

  • GPS tracking.