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I will not recommend the TimeCamp time tracker for several reasons. First, I think this product is unfinished. Because of this, you can not count on the results. Several times employees were unfairly evaluated for their productivity and they were offended (up to and including dismissal). Secondly, support team is not even going to meet and solve technical bugs in the software. Well, thirdly, the time tracker is expensive. We decided to refuse to use it.

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The reporting function is excellent on the free version. I know exactly how much time I spend on projects and am tracking my time effectively. No more timesheets and handwritten notes, which I now realise were very inefficient. Timecamp is an excellent software if you are a freelancer. If you think you are tracking correctly with pen and paper, you're not and this will make a world of difference.

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My company use this software From 1 Jan 2022 . this software easy to use. it is tracking day to day activity , due to that improve productivity of organisation. it shows my daily working data. it is best time tracker tools for me.

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TimeCamp - tracking time, reinvented.
Discover how a feature-rich free time tracker can end your project management headaches. Let your team perform at it's best without intrusive micromanagement.


Restoring clarity thanks to time tracking software
Are you struggling to keep track of your team's performance across different projects? Say "goodbye" to spreadsheets and guesswork. Let TimeCamp do the time tracking and focus on the work that matters.

Learn how a piece of time tracking software can help you optimize your team's workflow as well as keep your projects within their budgets.


Ending your manual reporting headaches
Start working smart by employing TimeCamp to become your own project manager. Access all of the essential information about your projects in one place. Easy!

Why waste countless hours on additional data processing just to have a precise report? TimeCamp does it all automatically so you can maintain your focus on the important work.