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It starts automatically when I turn on my computer, so I don't have to do anything. Unlike competitors, it is simple to use and keeps track of everything I do during the day.

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DeskTime is an online service with mobile and desktop applications to keep track of working time, track progress within a project, analyze various productivity indicators, generate detailed reports, etc.


  • Accounting for working time and applications used, websites and inactive time.

  • Monitoring employee activity, vacation calendar, overtime hours.

  • Real-time monitoring of projects.

  • Metrics and reports for billing/payroll.

  • Screenshots allow you to see what an employee is doing at a given time.

  • Search for unproductive time of employees.

  • Auto accounting for time spent.

  • Tracking project growth.

  • Employee's statuses.

  • Personal time mode.

  • Work groups.

  • Connecting additional workers.

  • Setting different working hours for employees.

  • Statuses and categories of applications.

  • Accounting of time outside the computer (offline).

  • Accounting of time spent in the office only.

  • Data backup.