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George Liddy

George Liddy on Zoho Team Inbox

Helps with email consolidation and getting opinions from key members before shooting out critical e-mails
Alex Smirnoff

Alex Smirnoff on InboxAware

I have not been working with this solution for a long time, but so far I am happy with it. I'll be watching from now on.
Annie Gilbert

Annie Gilbert on InboxAware

I can safely recommend this software!
Patrick Bateman

Patrick Bateman on InboxAware

That threshold monitoring is great! I love how the service helps to track our performance, and we really see what email campaigns are useful

Monitoring employees in the workplace is ethical. If you monitor your employees without any advance notice or without their knowledge and try to access their personal information through a system tracker, you are monitoring ethically.

You can call it ethical, but it's mostly up to you and your company and standard policies. To make it an ethical process, you need to be transparent about your business. Let your employees know that you intend to track their activities in the system, determine what will be tracked, when and how it will be tracked, or store their personal information, etc. You can also include a written policy regarding employee monitoring and share it with all of your employees.

It's always best to limit access to the data you collect to ensure ethical monitoring. As an employer, you will have full administrator access, and your managers should only have access to their team's data, and all employees should be allowed to monitor their activities.

The employee monitoring program consists of two modules: the user module and the administrator module. The user module is the part of the service that you can install in the employee's system, and the administrator module, where you can analyze all employee actions.

The web administration module can be accessed from anywhere, while the user module of the solution can either be used in hidden mode (the employees cannot see the solution and it will automatically track the actions in the system) or it can be visible to the employees.

Depending on the features of the solution, it can track productive time spent at work or in various applications with application usage reports, take automatic screen captures, record break intervals, idle time intervals, etc. Most system trackers focus on data security, too.

It all depends on what you need in a monitoring solution, whether it meets your requirements with advanced features or is affordable. Everyone will try to present their monitoring solution as the best in the industry. 

How to choose the best email monitoring service?


Emails represent a security weakness. Attachments can contain malware, and phishing attacks can force employees to reveal passwords. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated at infiltrating business networks through email, so you need to address this security weakness.


Email monitoring solutions are evolving to keep up with the threats, so there are now some very sophisticated email security systems on the market. Lack of email monitoring can lead to loss of your company's accreditation to data protection standards, and this can be a threat to success in new business. 


Email monitoring tools are not just another plus when you want your email campaigns to be successful, they become a necessity. The reason for this is that when you do email marketing campaigns, most emails don't even make it into your inbox. It either gets dumped into the spam folder or is considered blocked.


Employee email monitoring is also one of the most effective methods for both identifying and preventing internal threats to your organization. Employees who send outgoing emails containing sensitive and/or confidential information can be quickly identified and blocked from accessing their accounts. This can also provide insight into which employees are unhappy so that action can be taken before they become a threat to your business.


Employee email tracking features:


  • All events related to incoming and outgoing emails, from entering and attaching content when sent to reading and accessing attachments when received, are recorded for visual playback.

  • Covers all email platforms such as Outlook (Internet and PC), Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex and others.

  • Email attachments are tracked and saved if necessary

  • Ensure that company policies and procedures are followed in all employee emails.

  • Track emails for networking and collaboration to fine-tune messages and optimize the ROI of outreach campaigns.

  • Receive automatic notifications when emails are sent to non-corporate accounts or suspicious hosts


What are the benefits of integrating email monitoring


While it may not seem obvious at first, email monitoring has many benefits not only for your data security strategy, but also for productivity, compliance and legal issues. Today, we'll focus on the security benefits of email monitoring.


Risk Detection.


Email monitoring allows employers to identify potential risks in employee correspondence. One of those risks could be an employee sharing irrelevant company information with outsiders, including other employees. This practice means that at some point that employee may share information that poses a security risk to the company. Once risky behavior is identified, it becomes easier to understand what other security practices might be most effective in your data protection strategy. The example above demonstrates the potential need for segregation of duties and least privilege policies.


Accountability and policy compliance


Security training is promoted as a major deterrent to data breaches.


However, training is ineffective if there is no follow-up to determine whether behavior has successfully changed. With email monitoring, you can determine if employees are actually internalizing what they've learned.


Although this is clearly spelled out in the rules, employees may not follow them and use their work email to communicate with personal friends or register online. This, of course, exposes your company's network to an increased risk of data leakage. There are accidents caused by employees following all the rules, but there are also egregious violations of company policies that lead to data breaches. The latter is unacceptable and will be quickly spotted and addressed with email monitoring. It is difficult to maintain any data security strategy if the company does not have the means to monitor and enforce policies designed for data security.