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I help clients by building and upgrading their websites. This is a fantastic booking solution at a price-point all my clients can afford that greatly enhances the service I provide.

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Easy and effective appointment scheduling

Shore's online calendar is available on all devices. It lets you keep an eye on all your appointments 24/7 no matter where you are. Choose between a daily or weekly display of your appointments. And the information linked from Shore's customer database lets you get ready for each individual customer to optimally meet their personalized needs.


Automatically find the next available appointment

Shore's online calendar does so much more than just show you the days of the week. Just one click lets you find the next available spot in your calendar. This gets your customers coming in ASAP. Shore delivers more time for you, with less hassle and a full appointment calendar.


Send reminders and minimize no-shows

Shore's appointment reminder feature lets you reduce down times to a minimum. Shore automatically sends reminders to your customers. Select between email or text messages, when you send them, and what you say. You'll love how this reduces missed appointments and delivers top service to your customers.


Keep your appointment calendar full with online booking

Our online booking gets your appointment calendar full. You'll automatically see the customers and services they book along with when they're coming in. You decide whether to offer appointment slots, or if the customers can send a request for a specific day and time. Manual entries are also a breeze. Set appointments when and where you want them.