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Timely is fantastic in keeping track of what I'm doing without requiring me to keep a physical journal. Because I own a busy agency with a lot of clients, I'm always switching duties, so timesheets are a pain to keep track of. It offers me a clear picture of how I spend my time and helps me to create budgets that inform me when I should stop working or when I'm expending too much energy on a particular assignment. This user-friendly tool is fantastic.

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Timely is a simple and beautiful service for tracking time spent on tasks and projects. You can plan ahead and then find out how much you spent. It's scheduling and time tracking all in one package.




  • Beautiful and simple interface.

  • Adding tasks and scheduling.

  • Apple Watch support.

  • Works in real time.

  • Customizable actions in alerts.

  • Organization of hours in projects.

  • Setting hourly rates.

  • Full control, reports