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I appreciate the independence and access that practitioners have while scheduling. The payment platforms that Setmore has partnered with has also created so much as it relates to payroll and managing and our payments. I also appreciate how the scheduling system is synchronized with Zoom. From a client's perspective, I also appreciate that clients can create accounts to schedule their appointments. The appointment email reminders are also a plus!

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Setmore is a web-based scheduling application that helps you manage clients and appointments. The service offers simplified scheduling of appointments, including a website or Facebook page. Appointments are synchronized directly with Google Cal.

Setmore provides a booking platform that can be installed on a Web site and Facebook page, Instagram. Customers can use it to book appointments. Through a partnership with Stripe, Setmore lets you handle all card transactions online and pay for appointments in advance through the booking page. Plus there's registering cash transactions with Setmore's cash register system.

Setmore knows how to automatically send reminders via email or SMS.