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The back end of the application offers a lot of features, but the front end is simple to use and may be used by call centers and medical clinics. This is critical for practices that are short-staffed but yet need to maintain a 6 foot distance while cutting costs. PCI certified and HIPAA compliant! There are API options as well, however there is a setup fee for this.

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The 10to8 online booking system is a feature-rich product that can be tailored to your specific requirements and integrated into your existing workflow.


Interviews and HR meetings must be scheduled.

Scheduling interviews, performance reviews, and other HR meetings has never been easier. Without the need for lengthy emails, 10to8 can assist you in selecting the best times for your employees. Your team can share a booking calendar, and reminders are saved on a single page. You can use the HR online meeting solution to:


  • Send interview confirmations, reminders, and other information to candidates 

  • Determine the best time for your HR managers to conduct interviews

  • Sync with Outlook and other calendars to avoid double bookings


Student gatherings at a distance

Coordination with students can be challenging. The solution assists universities and colleges in scheduling virtual classes and remote consultations. Students and faculty will find it very simple to interact with this platform.


  • Allow students to sign up for classes online rather than calling or emailing you.

  • Reminders and online chats can help you avoid miscommunications and no-shows.

  • decrease the number of administrators and devote more time to students

  • Take student participation in the curriculum to the next level.


Contracting and planning trade

Thousands of sales and customer service professionals all over the world rely on 10to8 to help them succeed. 10to8 helps sales and customer support teams to communicate with consumers more effectively, plan calls more efficiently, and complete orders more quickly.


10to8 scheduling software helps your teams:

  • Connect with leads and representatives from other companies

  • get better feedback

  • Streamline processes with 10to8 integrations such as Salesforce and Zoom Video Conferencing

  • Speed up the sales process and close more deals