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This is the first time I have ever had a problem purchasing with TheHungreyJPEG. My credit card was charged but I did not receive the download for the product. I have contacted them no less than 4 times and they have not responded or refunded my money. Buyer Beware!

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I've bought a couple packages from these people now, and every time I've had a question (no complaints!) they've written me back really quickly, and they go above and beyond to ensure you're a happy customer. I, for one, am quite pleased and grateful to have discovered this section in which to post a comment! Their bundles appear to have a lot of popular things that I really like, and they keep getting better! The most recent one I purchased got a 96 percent discount or something crazy like that! Thank you very much, people; you're the best!

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The Hungry JPEG is a great site. It has a huge selection of great fonts and graphics of all kinds, and they kindly provide a bunch of top-notch stuff for free.

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The Hungry JPEG was created in November 2014 as a site to help designers, crafters, beginners, experienced graphic design ninjas, and in general anyone interested in the world of design. The goal was to provide high quality design resources at an affordable price and even free giveaways!

As the number of free materials and packages grew, so did the need for a permanent store. You asked, and we listened! The store opened in July 2015 and continues to grow every day! Now not only can you buy whatever you want, whenever you want (hand-painted social icons? Or maybe a great new font?), but also find amazing deals in our premium packages.

Having built an incredible reputation for quality, care and customer service, we promise to continue to put you, the customer, first.