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Easy to use, plus it's pretty cheap, But the only thing I don't like is that access to the AI system is only included in the Plus package.

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Shotzr has played a significant role in my photography career thus far. Almost every shot I've taken in the last four years has been monetized thanks to them. It's a fantastic community and platform to be a part of! Shotzr is the place to be if you're a photographer!

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Shotzr offers a pretty lucrative free plan. You get unlimited access to more than 100,000 images for your social networks, websites, emails... In addition, you have the option to integrate Shotzr into your Google Drive account and your Facebook ad account.

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Metadata and picture location tags

The Shotzr library focuses on authentic and local pictures. Each photo is meticulously categorized by location and context, making it simple to identify customised content that resonates with and attracts your target audience.


Image Recommendations Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Shotzr's AI-powered image suggestion system automatically produces content that complements your brand or the brand and campaign of your consumers. Forget about spending hours looking for stock photographs. Every time, we get you the perfect shot.


Image requests, both free and paid

Do you require specialized content? Request it from our global network of over 1,500 professional photographers for free. Do you need to schedule a custom shoot? We'll find you the best photographer for your project at a fair price.